Shiprock, New Mexico Mission Work

Hello everyone,

    I pray that all is well! I hope that you have been able to stay warm and dry but most of all safe! 


    We did not do a bulletin last week with the holiday my printing dept. was on vacation. Last week was a great one, the congregation, with the help of some donations, put together 4 complete turkey dinners and then gave them to 4 families in need. One of our sisters, Victoria, works at the social services office so we had a little inside help as she delivered the meals along with some great info on the Lord's church and other helpful tracts. We always keep these outreach works in prayer because one day we will be at the right time and place for someone to ask about and need God!

    Rose and I are doing great, except I am freezing to death. Summer is on the way so it keeps me going. Every year the cold makes me hurt in new places so I whine a lot but no one listens....hahahah. We did receive an "anonymous" gift of money. It came in an envelope that was very familiar from the Mesa area. You guys know who you are and we are blessed to have your love and support, THANK YOU!!!.As God usually works, we needed the money for some truck expenses and I needed six of my chainsaw chains shortened. We have been cutting and hauling wood this year for others that for many reasons can't do it themselves. It works great for me because cutting wood is such a blessing. Some people go to the spa to relax, I head to the tree's and unwind.

    I was going through our evangelism tools last week (Bibles, tracts, DVD's) and we are totally out. During the Shiprock Fair this year we made and handed out 1,200 packets that contained tract's, colored pencils, paper, some had DVD's and they all had the book "The Agony of the Cross" If anyone has extra of any of these items laying around we would love to take them off your hands!!! The church PO Box is 3566 Shiprock, NM 87420.


God Bless and Have an awesome week!!!



In the Lord's Service

Dan P. Keele

(Dan is a 2012 Bear Valley graduate)

Posted on December 10, 2013 .