Two Year Preaching Program Application

Please provide the following information as application to the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver's Two Year, Bachelor's degree program. Please note this program is a work of the Bear Valley church of Christ and the elders have determined that this program is for faithful members of the churches of Christ.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are married, your wife is required to fill out a Wive's Program application as well. Click here for the Wive's Application.

Applicant's Name *
Applicant's Name
Date of Birth *
Date of Birth
Marital Status *
Are you a U.S. citizen? *
Spouse's Name
Spouse's Name
Is your spouse a U.S. citizen? *
Current Address
Current Address
Students from outside the U.S. must raise 100% of their support to attend. *
Bear Valley does not have the financial resources to assist foreign students in attending school in the U.S. All foreign students will be required to raise 100% of their own support.
Mobile Phone *
Mobile Phone
Home Phone
Home Phone
If SINGLE, have you ever been married before?
If MARRIED, have you or your spouse ever been previously married?
Have you ever served in the military? *
If YES, did you receive an Honorable Discharge?
Have you ever been treated for any physical or emotional problems? *
Have you ever been diagnosed with a learning disability or challenge? *
Educational Background *
Please indicate the highest level of schooling completed to date.
Any previous college degrees?
If no college experience, type "none"
Enter the name of the college attended or type "none"
Congregation's Address *
Congregation's Address
Preacher's Name *
Preacher's Name
Church Phone *
Church Phone
Other than regular attendance at services and Bible classes, list any additional responsibilities, activities, or areas of work you are regularly involved with in the congregation where you currently attend.
Personal References
The applicant must provide three (3) references, either elders, preachers or church leaders (members of the church of Christ) who have known you for the past three (3) years or since you became a Christian.
Reference #1 - Name *
Reference #1 - Name
Reference #1 - Mailing Address *
Reference #1 - Mailing Address
Reference #1 - Phone *
Reference #1 - Phone
Reference #2 - Name *
Reference #2 - Name
Reference #2 - Address *
Reference #2 - Address
Reference #2 - Phone *
Reference #2 - Phone
Reference #3 - Name *
Reference #3 - Name
Reference #3 - Address *
Reference #3 - Address
Reference #3 - Phone *
Reference #3 - Phone
Tobacco, drugs and alcohol *
Conduct Agreement *
Code of Conduct: If I am accepted by the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver, I will do my best to maintain the highest moral, spiritual, and academic standards possible. I will abide by the policies of the school in a serious and prayerful manner.