New Director in Accra

Great is He who has made seasons always new with full of strength, glory and merciful. Indeed with the Lord all things are possible. Happy New Year to all the brethren, the board and the instructors both in USA, Ghana, Togo and other countries, we always hear from you and your endeavor in remembrance in your prayer.


Structure Academic Activities: such as having chapel period, periodic evangelism on school premises.

Reaching the past students in contact: This was to check on how they are doing as to whether they are making headway in their preaching work. The instructors could visit their congregation as means of knowing their activeness. Also, to create a database for all their contacts details.

Soul Winning: Concerns was discussed and that the Year End Numbers were not encouraging therefore more effort should be put in order to have the gospel preached all round and to win more souls.


We are grateful to receiving application for the Third Batch. Twenty (20) students applied for admission for the academic year 2018/2019. Among these, we currently have Eleven (11) students for Regular Department and Four (4) for Weekends / Distance Learning Department.  We are firmly hoping that the rest of the Five (5) would be reported as we endeavor to reach them in contact daily.

Currently, we have in total of Thirty-four (34) students for Distance Learning / Weekends and Eleven (11) for Regular Department. In total, there are Forty-five (45) students currently for Accra School excluding those we are preparing for the graduation.


School resumes on 22nd January, 2018 and we have our first term study with full curriculum. The curriculum in the first term captures Introduction to Biblical Hermeneutics, How We Got The Bible, Cost of Discipleship, Pentateuch, Communication Skills and Introduction to Computers. All the Instructors are healthily present on the period assign them and having their classes effective. Our students are very active desiring to study what’s the truth though they are few days old in class.


School Van: The Southern Institute of Biblical Studies, Dobro – Accra has successfully received a Van which could hold 18 persons. This will enable us to make trips to various places for our evangelism activities. For instance, that which is coming forth 5th March, 2018 in Central Region of Ghana. The staffs together with the new students say may your kindness be blessing to you and the church.

Information Center For Our Public Preaching Activities: having put forth the authorities about P. A. System for preaching, gadget such as horns, microphones, amplifier and cable has also reach the school for constructing Information Centre which is about to be done. This will aid our down preaching and other evangelistic ativities

Projector: A brand new Epson Projector has been donated to SIBS – Accra Campus to facilitate teaching in class, evangelistic activities and other activities that will demand for its use.

Other Donation: Much has been received from you in kind or cash which is helping for the progress of the school and more excellence for glorifying the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


As authorized by the National Coordinator, Br. Steven Ashcraft proposed that with effect from 1st January, 2018 bro. Seth Osae Larbi, the former Director for SIBS in Accra to be changed to bro. Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, the Assistant to Brother Seth.

Currently, we have our new director for Accra School, namely, bro. Emmanuel Odeng Larbi.

To add to the above, bro. Kojo Acquah Beenyi has been asked to serve as the Regional Coordinator for all the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Ghana with effect from the January 1st, 2018.

Hand over activities has been made to the new director and his administration. All ministries are effectively in progress for the year.

Samuel Sasu Ntim

Samuel Sasu Ntim


This is Samuel Sasu Ntim. He is a young of age 32 and a student of the second batch 2016/2017 academic year. He is single. Samuel is the evangelist of Panpanso No.1 local congregation with 33 believers. 18 members within two years were added to the church. Though they do not come in full number due to traveling and unemployment matters yet regular members of 26 meet weekly. Samuel is always proud of SIBS for the wonderful studies he has had through the Devine guidance and the knowledgeable instructors.

To add to his achievement, Samuel has been able to write a Bible Tract in Twi language which is titled “}kwan a Onyankop]n nam so de gye onipa nkwa” (the Scheme of Redemption) with the help of the institution.

Currently, he has devoted to transport and tracts sharing evangelism for the glorification of God.

He says may you, the Southern Institute of Biblical Studies and all the brethren be blessed.

From the staff at SIBS

Posted on February 13, 2018 .