In French-speaking Cameroon, "evangelism is our business!"

Greetings fellow workers of the Lords vineyard.

    We are happy to inform you about the our up coming events both in the church in our country and in our school of preaching. The sun is fast approaching, which marks the beginning of a new season and it is time for us to begin with serious evangelism, including open air evangelism with PA system, which usually takes place at night when most of the population is already back from daily activities.

      Our students are still out for their end of quartercampaign and this marks the beginning of 6 days of rest after spending some time in congregations doing nurturing and with some amount of door to door evangelism, which is still at times very fruitful at the end of the day. Our classes will resume on the 26th of this month and this is the beginning of the 3rd quarter in the second year. 

    Evangelism is our business!  Attached are some pictures from the Mbanga prison ministry, where we went some time ago to hand over to the inmates and members of the church in prison some gifts of different qualities such as benches, a table to be used for church activities, and also some mattresses. These were gladly welcomed and received by the assistant superintendent of the prison. Thanks to all of our participants.

Remain blessed.

Your brother, Ititi

BVBI-Mbanga, Cameroon  

Posted on September 26, 2016 .