A time of transition in Tanzania

Meru church Building: 
As you know, the Meru church building was destroyed. Although the members are not able to financially support the reconstruction of their own building, they are able to rent a building for around $25 a month. The owner of the building gave them the price of 3 rooms for 1. Thus, they are very grateful. The building turned out very nice. 

Elly Retires: 
On Sunday, the team was able to celebrate Elly’s retirement from ACSOP. He has been working with Cy since around 2000. Elly works a lot with the governmental regulations for the school, the missionaries, the visitors, etc. Elly has quickly become one of our best friends in Africa. Elly owns a furniture business and is planning to begin a meat business in the future. He will continue to help with our work permits and other important governmental paperwork, etc. 

Gaines Family Leaves
On Monday, we all gathered at ACSOP to have a final luncheon for the Gaines family. They have served the great people of  East Africa for 3 years and will be missed by all. 

In Him,

Mason and Haley Norman

Arusha, Tanzania

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Posted on July 17, 2016 .