School is back in session in Mbanga, Cameroon

      The Lord is merciful to His faithful ones. Cameroon is doing great and we send greetings from this part of the globe. Oh beloved the work is growing and the needs for help in many congregations in French speaking Cameroon is increasing. The work is much but the laborers are very few. We have sent students out every week and by His faithful grace, they will come back with very positive result.

       Our weekend evangelism to various congregations was successful last weekend with a soul that was lost and has found his way. A sister was restored today with the help of a student who visited this assembly. Lets commit her into our prayers.

       Students and staff of the the BVBIC-Mbanga resumed classes last Monday and everyone was present. Both the students and staff are taking new courses on Greek and Computer studies. Graduation is fast approaching and in less than nine months we shall be graduating our first batch of students from Mbanga. Cameroon. It shall be a great day! We need to empower our students before they go to the field. 

Remain blessed,

Brother Ititi

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Posted on July 12, 2016 .