Weekend Evangelism Produces Fruit Near Mbanga, Cameroon...

The people around the world join to celebrate World Labor Day. We were still laboring the same time and the same day in the Lord’s vineyard this first Sunday of May. May the work of God keep on growing. Amen.

Dear workers of the Lord, special salutation from Africa, Cameroon, and from Mbanga in particular. We hope the this weekend report will meet you in good health.

The church in Mbanga is a ground of internship, a place where students keep on doing homiletics and hermeneutics at every given opportunity. Also, the members enjoy new and good lessons every day in our congregational weekly activities. The month of April was great with the studies in the book of Matthew 24 where we have been able to differentiate between the destruction of Jerusalem in the past and the second coming of Jesus Christ. This has really been a problem with the signs of the end time and that of the destruction of Jerusalem. Some students who were assigned did very well in their research.

The students are growing in their presentations and in the manner of interpretation after a year in the school of preaching. We can already sense the transfer of knowledge from the instructors being achieved gradually. We thank God for that because our resources are not in vain.

The instructors are doing their best to put in all their time to see that they respect the program of the school and follow it till the end. Some of them will even extend their classes at night for the second segment just to see they are able to cover the work and in a gradual process so that all will be able to understand the lesson, which is very important in the teaching call.

Weekend evangelism is gaining more ground and the assembly in Mujuka is growing with a lot of youth who are being added to the church. The landlord said new benches could not be added in a congregation without people to fill in the benches, and so the Lord decided to add two precious souls to come and fill up those benches. We thank God for His will. Brother Giress is doing a great job in that area.

We plan to attend the Preacher’s Forum in Buea and also attend another program in Kumbo in the northwest region. We also plan to host the next Preacher's Wives Forum that will commence on the 27th and 28th of May 2016. This is to help teach the students and their wives on some serious activities and on how to assist the preacher in his work as a preacher's wife. 

Evangelism plans are also coming up, like in Sancho and Njombe.

We appreciate you for persistent prayers and all that you are putting in place for this mission to be realized. We pray that God will do more.

Please keep on praying for brother Sylvanus who was in the hospital with his wife for about two weeks, but God just freed them this week and they are already in Mbanga.

Also, pray for sister Brenda, a member in our congregation who also was put to bed through an operation.

Brother Phillipe is also home from the hospital and will be going back on Tuesday for another check up.

The wife of brother Abraham is also seriously sick with a heart problem.

Many others are suffering from other illnesses. We pray our first aid will be able to treat some of them.

Remain blessed. 

Your humble servant,
Ititi Benedict

Posted on May 1, 2016 .