Farming Projects Prepare Students For Success In Tanzania...

ACSOP Farming Project Plans
We thank God for the success of the projects at Andrew Connally School Of Preaching. In the year 2012 -2013, the ACSOP faculty were scratching their heads to find any other source of income to our budget. This is because we had a big deficit in our budget. Then Cy came up with a garden project that could help us to cut down on vegetable cost.

After this project was successful, in 2014 we thought of milk cows to cut our milk cost. We started with one cow then we added another one. Raising cows is very cheap compared to other projects. 

The cow project was also successful. And at end of same year, Sean Hochdorf came up with a chicken project to help us to offset meat cost. This project also was more successful than we planned. 

Another reason for all these projects is to train our students how to farm so that they can be self-supporting after they graduate from ACSOP. The farming projects will have great benefits to the school, our students, and our community, if it is given priority. God has placed talents in all people that can be used for His glory. Also, God has given us a piece of land, which if it is used wisely, will contribute much to the school budget. ACSOP is a tool that can be used as an example to the community and the Christians around.

After all these projects came in place, another problem arose in that we were lacking someone who will lead these project. All of the faculty members were too busy with academic matters, and the projects were moving very slowly because we were lacking someone to deal with them. Then God brought us someone who loves God and loves to work. This was brother Justin Maynard. Since the end of last year, Justin Maynard and Augustine Simon have been pushing hard on all these projects. These two brothers are working as a team. We are hoping for a big result this year, according to what they have achieved.

They have completely changed the projects from small scale to large scale. This year we are expecting to start raising a thousand layer chickens. 

Also, we are expecting good harvesting crops. Please pray for all these plans that they can be a big help to the school and also for our brother Justin who is helping all these. He is planning to go back home to raise funds for him and his family to continue working with us. Please prayerfully consider supporting them, as the school needs his efforts. 

Also continue to remember our brother Cy as is recovering at this time. The school and mission need these brothers. We miss his magic on planning things. Don’t forget his family please. 

In His service

Director, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on April 24, 2016 .