Giving Series In Arusha Continues To Strengthen The Church...

Greetings fellow workers,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your continued interest and support of the many great works that God is doing in this area. You are valuable members of this team, and we hope that you'll continue to labor with us in your prayers. Here are some of the things that have been going on recently.

Evans Family Visits
We have enjoyed hosting the Adam Evans family this week. Adam and his family have served at missionaries in Iringa, Tanzania over the last 3 years, and have been doing a good work there. Last week taught a short course on Hermeneutics for our 2nd year students. We've already gotten good feedback on the class, and are confident it was a blessing to our students. We wish Adam and Megan a safe drive back home.

Giving Series
The Arusha church has asked me to do an 8-lesson series on giving. I confess that I feel a bit awkward spending so much time teaching people with very little disposable income about the importance of giving. However, the request is a good reminder that giving is an important practice for all Christians, not just those who can afford large contributions. It has thus far been a challenging study, but the brethren have been receptive. I'm largely basing the study on a book entitled, "Beyond the Tithe" by Westley Hazel. It is a worthwhile read, if you get the opportunity.

Njiro Evangelism
The emphasis for our team evangelism has moved back to the Njiro Chini area for the next quarter. We've had some good studies so far in the area. For example, we studied with one man at his business for more than an hour. Then he gave us directions to his house, and asked us to go and talk to his wife also because he wanted her to be in church. I hope the future holds good things for this family.

New Missionaries
This week we are thrilled to welcome a new addition to our team. Mason and Hailey Norman will be arriving here on Wednesday evening. This newlywed couple will be helping out and paving the way for her parents (Todd and Susan Storks) and brother (Wesley) to join the team a little later this year. Please keep their transition in your prayers.

Local Reports
Now enjoy some excerpts from reports we have received from a few of the local brethren who are hard at work in the Lord's vineyard:

Koimere Ndoosi at the Monduli Juu congregations reports about last month, "I have one man who obeyed the gospel and was baptized. Glory to God."

Ibrahimu Mrutu at the Kisong congregation says, "In this month I was able by the help of God to reach many souls and two of them were baptized. 1. Gabrely Peter 2. Roberty Simon"

David Bayi at the Kioga church says, "Brother, I have 12 classes and we have hope of baptizing one lady soon named, Evelina, and we have had one baptism this month already. So in general the work is going well."

Joseph Juma Withre of Mwanza says, "Since I said before last month I established 15 Bible classes with 31 people, and I said 11 of those people are very interested to come into the Lord's church. Right now one person has already obeyed the gospel through baptism."

Elias Kwilasa from Mwanza says, "In my last report I decided to leave other Bible classes in order to concentrate on five Bible classes with 15 people. For these Bible classes, I succeeded in baptizing two people and am still continuing to study with the rest."

Silivester Bahati of the Ibambula congregation says, "On my last report I wrote that there were 6 classes; these classes caused these results of 2 people to obey."

As you can see, there are a lot of people involved in spreading the Lord's kingdom here. Thank you for being a part of this team also. 

May God bless our continued efforts together.

You can read this report with pictures here:

Till all have heard...
Daniel Gaines

Posted on April 17, 2016 .