The Recent Trip To Lebialem Proves Beneficial For Several Reasons...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon in this new month. We are doing great and just returned from a long trip with over 60 people to Lebialem for evangelism. I am sure you both entered into the new month with sound faith and good health.

Last week was also a busy one for the work here in Bear valley Bible Institute of Cameroon: Wotutu. Students were done with the first quarter exams and were there to watch their wives go through the ladies class for one week and thereafter. It was time to welcome the coordinator / minister, David Ballard to Cameroon. He is doing fine as we all were part of the mission work in Menji.

From Wednesday early in the morning, about 5 am, our students were up and some of our graduates were already in Wotutu ready to make the trip to Menji. At exactly 6 am we took off for the trip to Menji. It was an 8 hour drive from Wotutu, but praise be to God we made it safe before evening and started immediately visiting people in the community and the sharing of tracts.

We faced persecution from some of the tracts we gave out, “Why I Left The Catholic Church.” The Menji area is dominated by Roman Catholics. They took the tract to the authorities who gave us permission to come and evangelize the area. Standing on the grounds that we were out to get Catholic followers, so the authorities approached us and were ready to withdraw the permission they gave us because it was making the population feel different, but we stood in front of them and explained in details our mission to their area and the content of the tracts. Many of the authorities said they have gone through the tracts and they realized that the information inside is okay, but they were not satisfied with the title of the tracts. The Senior Divisional Officer of the area, who is the overall boss, before we departed Menji petitioned the other officers to find out from the Roman Catholics themselves why they are against that particular tract because we have freedom of speech in Cameroon and freedom of press. We learned our lesson and next time we shall caution our students to be logical when distributing tracts that are sensitive.

Thank you for your prayers. The trip was fruitful and we gave all the glory to God. Thanks to you who made it possible for us in one way or the other.

Both staff and students were in the hired bus that we used to go to Menji. It was 29 seats and we hired 2 buses. God was kind to us again this year for the provision of funds to travel with such a number of people to do His work in Menji. Last year the congregation in Menji was established and this February made the congregation one year old because our vision was to establish a congregation in Menji. By His grace we ended up establishing two congregations that are still faithful even though with some difficulties.

House to house all day long with a short lunch break was the program of activities. In one of the short lunch breaks, we enjoyed fellowship and visiting with other graduates. We would have stayed longer but we would not have met with them.

It was also time to encourage the young congregations in Lebialem area. They were eager to learn more because the motto is “You have known Christ, make him known to others.” I am happy with what God is doing in Menji. We saw the green light to dismantle all the strong holds of the evil one because as we move around we realized that many are captives by the traditional religion that have been there above 60 years now. The truth is penetrating even though meeting many, many stumbling blocks, but God is never a looser. Keep this work in your prayers.

Several sisters were great, as they were there for us making sure that food was ready on time and there was no delay, as we sat and waited for food. They were highly appreciated by us. Keep them in your prayers for their devotions in the things of God.

God blessed the work with souls, as we moved from one house to another knocking at the door. Even with the existing persecutions that some religious leaders were doing, all on their power, to make sure we are sent out and abruptly stopped our program and our vision. They were out to kill the vision and to kill the church of Christ in that area. Their persecution serves like a publicity for us because many wanted to hear the message we brought to their area that their leaders are stopping them from listening. God is God and He is not man. He makes things happen so that glory will go back to Him. Onorine Eche obeyed the gospel alongside 13 precious souls who saw the truth and could not wait any longer to obey it and wanted to live by the truth (John 8:36). Fourteen souls in total obeyed the gospel this year. Last year it was 27. Some, since we left have never worshipped because of the persecution that is befalling them, mostly dependents. Some were threatened to stop them from school because their parents told them they will not pay fees if they continue with the church of Christ and others were to be thrown out of homes because of Christ. Those persecutions can easily be handled by a mature congregations, but the Menji congregation could not handle it. Some were there and met us and still expressed their love for the church, but their situations.

The new converts were given a Bible, each which is a weapon that will help them stand firm to defend the truth and also to fight against any false teaching and discouragement.

One of the baptisms made me happy, because I know there will be no internal persecution, is a brother and his wife. Wow! Keep them in your prayers because both of them were proud to put on Christ and they are saying that nothing will pull them back instead. They are ready to start sharing what they heard with friends and families. Prayers will be appreciated for their efforts and zeal.

We took a family picture with the converts. What a God we serve. They were happy to see our humble life styles as we shared all things in common without any discrimination and pride as others do.

We start the last short course tomorrow Monday, March 7th, and by the end of it our students will go to 21 locations. Menji is inclusive for evangelism and nurturing. Keep them in your prayers.

God bless you for your love of the old rugged cross, that daily we lift up Jesus in all that we do, calling as many as the Lord will draw to Himself to come and join us follow Him. God bless you again and again and keep you long on earth as you continue to serve Him and humanity. When He comes you be remembered because of all that you do. If not for you I doubt how far we would have been now with this great work. Share this work with others.

Elangwe and Family
By His grace Director of BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on March 6, 2016 .