Dreams For A Water Supply Come To Fruition In Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Grace, peace, and mercy be multiplied unto you all from God our Father and from our Lord and Sustainer, Jesus Christ.

As the Lord would have it, our dream of having a borehole at SWSE & BVBIN’s main campus in Butubutu finally became a reality. The students and staff and our community friends were all happy when the job was finally completed on March 2, 2016.

We are very, very, very thankful to brother Doug Wheeler and associates, brother Bill Pennell and his wonderful family, and to brother Steven Ashcraft and associates. We thank you all, our partners, for your wonderful and tireless prayer and care. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all our undertaking in Jesus Christ name, amen.

Brethren, the students and staff of SWSE & BVBIN resume for the third semester from February 29 through April 29, 2016. Brother Abiola Joseph Olusoji will teach on Christian Evidences, Hermeneutics 2, and the book of James. Brother Isaac Olaniyan will teach on the Life of Christ 3, John, 1, 2, and 3 John,, and World Religions. Brother Kayode Solomon Eniafe will teach on 1st Corinthians, OT History 2, 1 & 2 Peter and Jude, while I (brother Makinde Ebens) will teach on Doctrines 1, Doctrines 2, Christian Home, and Practical (Textual sermon). Our computer instructor, sister Esther, will continue instructing our students and preachers every Monday and Thursday between 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm, and our campus minister will continue leading us in our weekend evangelism.

He, brother Abraham Idu Yeje led the students and staff and some of my co-WBSFUW to Oyo and Osun state to evangelize the Baale Ayo area of Osun state on their first weekend evangelism in this third semester on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

I taught during our morning devotion between 5:00 am - 5:45 am from February 29-March 4 on The Surprises of God of the Bible. Study on Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses and lastly on Peter. Our campus minister, brother Abraham Idu Yeje taught on Christian Relationships during our Wednesday Bible Class between 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

I taught on Church Growth in the evenings of March 4-6 in Lagos state. To God be the glory.

Happy new month to you all. I wish you the best of this month of March 2016.

Once more, we thank you all for your labor of love. May the Lord continue to bless all our work together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

I remain yours in His grace as a servant,
Brother Makinde E. Olufemi (Minister)

Posted on March 6, 2016 .