Students Begin The First Quarter Of The Second Year In Mbanga...

Greetings from Cameroon. 

The last Sunday in the month of March the world is under a lot of celebration with the Easter and all the like where, as Christians, we are celebrated in Mbanga over the souls that repented this same week. Let us keep on thinking souls that are perishing.

The Lord has been so gracious to us this week as the students returned to campus this Sunday with no problem except brother Mamoudou who is still in the North because he sacrificed His week to continue working in that part of the country in their Zonal Lectureship that ended Sunday March 27th. He was accompanied by minister Ename Paul, one of our instructors in the school, and the Lord added two souls to His Kingdom. We pray he returns safely as he will be making his way home.

We train faithful men for a faithful work of God. Training continues today at 8 a.m. prompt, and this will mark the beginning of the 1st quarter in the second year. Oh dear support team, the more time flies the more we are crowded with lots of ideas on how to graduate the students and to begin with the second batch that will be taking the entrance exams by October. We appreciate what you have done so far and every one who contributes his or her quarter to see that men are being trained in Cameroon and in Mbanga in particular.

The campaign was good with a lot of good news coming from the various congregations, and confidently. I get that from some of the members of the congregations, and the same thing with those that I visited while in the field, but the rocks in the French-speaking countries really had to be chopped just like our colonial masters who are really find it difficult to accept the truth. With time, the people will come to know that the truth will set them free.

The students and the Church shall be attending the annual youth forum for their first time since the creation of the school in Mbanga, which will be another room for evangelism in this part of our country come Thursday 02-04-2016. This will be our first weekend evangelism this semester so as to continue with that of Sancho and Njombe still in the month of April and May respectively, by the grace of God.

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Have a splendid week.


Posted on March 28, 2016 .