Souls Are Added To The Church As Students Evangelize Daily...

Greetings in the name of Jesus.

2016 has come and we are still very happy to do the work of the Lord, and souls are being added to the church, as students keep doing evangelism on a daily basis, most especially during weekend evangelism in Mujuka and in other places. Our students are all ready for mission work at any giving weekend because they are in great love with evangelism and nurturing the assemblies, but the laborers are few, while the field is vast and assemblies keep on demanding their assistance. Our week was a blessed one, and we had joint evangelism with a student from Wotutu. We joined forces and stormed the Tripe people who are in that community.

Studies are going very well and each instructor is doing his best to meet up with his course. May a safe journey be given to these able men who travel every week to make sure that they be around to come fill the students with the gift that is in them, just like brother Todd and David who will travel to Cameroon come February 27 by the grace of God. Upcoming events include preparation to establish a new congregation in Sancho and to restore a new one in Njombe and others where need be. Join us in supporting this work both spiritually and financially. Let French Cameroon be evangelized like other parts of the world.

The northern part is being evangelized and two of our students might go again this time around if the means are there, like to revisit the new congregation that was established last December by one of our students with the assistance of some members that way. The last baptism done by brother Rene was in Mbanga, and students prepare for weekend evangelism.


Posted on February 7, 2016 .