Ladies Classes, BCA, And BVBIC-Wotutu Make An Impact In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brethren here in Cameroon, we are doing great and God is blessing the work we do. We do hope you are doing great. That is our expectation, that you be of health even as your soul prospers.

The “Back to the Bible” early morning program continues to make waves, as our students proclaim the gospel to the hearts of many in Wotutu community, as early as 5 am while people’s minds are still fresh and empty.

A man called my mobile number and asked a question for us to show from the Bible where John the Baptist was baptized as we are calling on all to obey the truth and be baptized.

Last week in BVBIC-Wotutu was free for our students as they were done with exams and the week was spent sharing the gospel daily from different locations as the van that takes students and keeps them there, goes back in the evening and get them back to school , it was great .Because their wives were in school studying for one week. It was great to have them sit down and study and ask questions to build them up.

Current students’ and instructors’ wives were in Wotutu again for the second edition of their class. This time around it was for a class on “General Bible Knowledge.” It was really rich, as it took the ladies through the entire Bible books and wonderful day to day topics that every Christian is supposed to live with. I taught the class and it was great. Many thanks to sister Robin from STC congregation who took her time to compile the notes. It was practical for preachers’ wives to keep those words in their hearts and manifest them in their ministries.

Because the class was short and the level of their reasoning was also, we needed an aid which will help the ladies gather as much information as is required of them. We bought a new flat screen TV to place in our church hall with a DVD player. This serves the sisters to listen and follow the many songs that the sisters at STC put together for them to sing the books of the Bible and others. This TV will serve double purposes as students can watch many DVDs from world video evangelism DVDs. They will equally watch news and know what is happening in Cameroon and around the world.

The vision to empower preachers’ wives to be part and parcel of the the ministry is coming into the lime light gradually. It is a joyous thing for the ladies to move to Wotutu and spend one week studying the word. They sat on the seats hours upon hours. Because of that they can really appreciate their husbands for the courage and determination to be well cooked, prepared, and avail themselves for the masters use in two years. Their week in Wotutu was memorable. Thanks to all who helped make this possible. God will bless you wonderfully.

As their wives took their seats, students were out sharing the truth, boldly telling many that only Jesus can set people free, Jn 8:36. I am happy with the program here in Wotutu because it gives the students plenty of time to practice house to house evangelism. It exposes them to many carnal philosophers and our students used just the Bible to help others see the reason to come over to Jesus. Students went to our newly established congregation in Likomba and the Lord added 4 souls to His kingdom. The urgent needs I discovered from these preachers’ wives are that all of them need a good study Bibles that will help them prepare lessons for women and children. These two group of people in the church are vital, women and strong pillars to help in many other aspects of the church obeying Bible views about them and also the children are the church of tomorrow, so if we must have a strong church tomorrow, then the women who are teaching these children must also be well equipped. That is why I plead if any one can donate either study Bibles or funds to get them here.

It is a good thing to see someone undergoing the transformation of his /her life as the person obeys the truth. One woman was happy to have found the truth in Wotutu, many thanks to her child that attends Brightland Christian Academy. Many kids in that school admire and will cry on Sunday mornings if their parents try to take them to their denomination. It is amazing what God is doing in the lives of many here. Thanks you for all your love towards what is happening. We have a nursery, primary school, and school of preaching to teach and help fight against illiteracy and by so doing, the truth is being planted as errors is being wiped out in the hearts of many. The Brightland Christian Orphanage (BCA) is there to give real hope to the hopeless. Many children’s homes give them food, shelter, and clothing to make them feel better in this life, but at BCA, the story is different. The kids know that even the food they are blessed to eat comes from God. Nurturing for eternity is our ultimate goal. You need to see these children say the 66 books of the Bible, the 12 Apostles of Jesus, and see them during worship singing with loud voices alongside other children. Oh what can I say and what will I not say. I give glory to God for all He is doing here. You can be a part. Thank you. God will not pass you by James 1:27.

One sister just found Jesus because her little daughter, less than 5 years of age, will always say, “Let us go and worship with the church of Christ. She, as young as she is, came to know about the Church of Christ because of the Christian school. We plan to move to another level, as we can also capture the bigger youth in our communities when we move with secondary school. We still teach adults, mostly women who have never been to school. Maybe, if more are put in place, we can do more to touch the lives of many in all ages. The gospel is sweet, Rom 1:16.

1) Lebialem mission will be this week from Wednesday to Sunday. Keep us in your prayers.

2) Keep the work at Likomba and other young locations as we reach out to in your prayers.

3) Keep brother David and brother Todd in your prayers. They are in Cameroon to teach in school and to evangelize.

God bless you and keep you strong for all that you do. Without you, it would have been difficult to get to this level.

Prayer Request
Please, I write this with tears. I am crying as I write this request. On the side of our van it is written THE CHURCH OF CHRIST, BEAR VALLEY BIBLE INSTITUTE CAMEROON-WOTUTU. This write up has helped us in many places over the years to see members of the church who live in villages where we pass and the church is not there. Because of that we have succeeded in establishing some congregations like that. But today I write about something that happened, that is why I am crying. A lady, who is not member of the church of Christ read the write up as we were driving past a bush. She shouted, “Please, please, church of Christ people help me with my children; we are hungry.” We stopped the van and she came closer. We almost left thinking she was insane because of the way she was dressed. But she said, “Pastors, don’t go; help us.” We stopped and she came and expressed herself to me saying she always see our van pass by and she thought within herself that we could possibly help her if she succeeded in stopping us, just like the woman with the issue of blood in the Bible. She said her husband abandoned her with her 3 girls and the landlord drove them out of the house because they don’t have money to pay rent any longer. As I talk with you I was not with my camera. I would have love to show you where this lady lives with her 3 girls, all less than 12 years of age. The worst of it is the future of these children, women to cry loud, no food, no shelter, nothing; if rain comes where will they go to? Pray for sister Embolo. She really needs help. She can read well and she speaks English fluently. I gave her some Mission Printing tracts and she demanded a Bible. I said our Bibles are for new converts only. She said no problem. She needs even food now as I write this mail. Please always pray for her. The little girls are exposed to prostitution, rape, and bandits. Boko Haram leaders look for such girls to use them for suicide missions. Wow, wow, what shall we do now? My heart goes out for them. My home is full with 14 people under my roof. Our government has no policy towards situations like this. There is actually nowhere for them to run too. God brought them to us. What shall we do now? Abandon them, or welcome them ?

Share this with others. God can use anyone anywhere to do His will. Sister Embolo needs Christians love now. I will surely share her pictures with you if I take it where they are.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on February 28, 2016 .