National Youth Day In Cameroon Makes A Huge Impact...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. I am happy to share this report with you early before Sunday because I am making a short trip to Nigeria for a few days of evangelism in some villages around Obot Okara villages. I will return on Sunday, so I may not make it home to get this report to you on time. That is why I am reporting in now.

This week in BVBIC-Wotutu was the last week for long courses, as all the instructors successfully finished their courses and we are doing revisions. The students will start exams for the first quarter in their second year of studies this Monday. Keep them in your prayers to remember all they have studied within the period.

Also, last week was the usual youth week in Cameroon because every February 11th in a National Youth holiday. So all schools are involved in the celebration which is characterized by choral singing, traditional dances, quizzes and a lot more. BVBIC-Wotutu is the only school in our area for higher learning, so one of our students was recognized by the local government. Etongwe Theophile was recognized for his brilliant academic excellence since he came to BVBIC-Wotutu last year (2015).

We give thanks to God and to you for your prayers that nothing serious took place in our youth day center. All the activities went on smoothly until the end without any disturbances, as we were all watchful for the threat of Boko Haram in the northern part of Cameroon.

My sons, Ray and Breedlove, were ready for the day with other children at the Brightland Christian academy. The clothes they wore was not their normal daily wear in school nor the occasional clothes. These clothes were a new fabric introduced by the government for the celebration of the day.

Our students dressed with their normal matching black suites and passed the stand in which government officials were sitting. They raised their Bibles up towards heaven indicated a silence message that this book contains instructions from God that all need to follow if they wish to spend eternity with God some day. They received lots of appreciation from the crowd and the journalists there present as they made comments of the importance of the Bible in our communities. The youth in Cameroon are almost unemployed as the unemployment rates in Cameroon are at 77.79 % which shows that many youth are not employed, and the population of Cameroon is dominated by the youth. Many politicians criticized the government by calling on the youth not to take part of the celebration because of their present conditions. They termed it a “dark celebration.” 

We paid attention sharing the good news that gives real hope. Most politicians will tell communities what they will never do in their lives, promising fake promises, and many are fed up with their promises. Our students, however, spend hours under the hot sun sharing the good news with lots of real promises from the faithful God who will fulfill His word at His will. They distributed hundreds of tracts about the great question, “What must I do to be saved?” Thanks to Mission Printing for their help so we might place in the hands of someone a guide that will take the person many times to the Bibles to do verification about their eternal destiny.

We not only shared the good news with mouth and handing tracts over to prospects, but we took our time to open the pages of the Bible. Many could see and read the Bible for the very first time because many Roman Catholics do not bother to own a Bible, so they were amazed to see things that they have never practiced in their lives because of their ignorance.

Some Bible passages were opened for people to read with their own eyes. It was amazing for many to see the things they saw today. We were purely in the campus of a Roman Catholic school, as we strive for many of our brethren to have a copy of the Bible in their hands. It will help many share with others.

It was sad to me that some will take many precious minutes to open a place in the Bible quoted by our students, but it was fun for our students to help many see the need to study the Bible. Many confessed how they have never bothered to think about studying the Bible. Many pick interest to start worshipping and studying with us. Keep their desire in your prayers.

The kids of Brightland Christian Academy were not left out. They showed their patriotic spirit as they marched past with the flag of Cameroon, with our board showing their motto which is, “Excellence and Trust Built In God.” We do our best to showcase the importance of Christian education, which for many years was dominated by the Roman Catholic educational system, forcing kids to do as they do no matter their spiritual background. Many thanks for the coming of Brightland. Many more things are still to be done to touch the lives of many through Christian education. Our hands are tied. We have the vision, but the means are not there to realize many things in a greater extent to expose more faster, as we shall continue to preach Christ and His church through this media.

The kids of Brightland Christian Academy displayed the Bakundu culture through the traditional dance. Cameroon is known by its socio cultural influence on the African continent: Africa in Miniature. Our kids performed well in choral singing which was purely vocal, away from other schools that used drums to add to the song. It was a day filled with smiles, as Brightland carried the day by their performances. Keep praying for this work; it will do greater things in the future. Come join us.

They copied the Bible college by raising thumbs up meaning, “We are not alone.” Please, may our God touche you to be part of this vision.

Pray for our students as they prepare to start exams on Monday, February 15.

Pray for the coming of our coordinator to come over and teach the book of Romans.

God bless you and keep you. Thanks for all your help to make it happen here, only God will reward you. Do your best to share with others our story.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on February 11, 2016 .