The French-speaking students in Cameroon

Greetings from this part of the globe, 

Hope all is well with the servants of God and the chosen generation.

We are so great full to be among those who think souls because it it a vocation that most precious in the sight of God thus says the writer of the book of Romans 10:15. It is really a beautiful thought.

Our week was characterized with a lot of evangelism at down beach Limbe with the ALUMNI EVANGELISTIC MISSION TEAM combined with the students of WOTUTU and MBANGA respectively. 

The team spent four good days in knocking the doors of the population of Limbe composed of both French speaking and English speaking people.They were divided into the morning and afternoon periods in other to do effective work and reach all of our demarcated area of work. Also attached to this, the open air preaching at night which was really encouraging. 

The team is gradually becoming bilingual with coming of the french speaking brothers and we experienced their work in that mixed community made up of French and English speaking people. Our mission in down ended on Sunday after worship with a fellowship meal with the souls that added to the Church. A sister was restored and three precious souls were added into the body of Christ.

The dry season in Cameroon is the period where a lot of preaching activities have been organized and the month of October is a transitional period where by we do have heavy rains and good climate.

There was a seminar with only sisters of all congregations in the french speaking part of Cameroon and the Mbanga congregation represented and they spent three days. They had as part of their activity distribution of tracks along the streets of Douala and inviting people to come attend worship with the local congregation.

Thank God every body return home safely. OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM AND EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION. Go preach the word to every creature every where anywhere.

In Him,


Posted on October 10, 2016 .