The Church Grows In Togo As Students Reach Out With The Gospel...

Five Converted In Aveho Church Planting Exercise
Tubli Aveho is a small community in the Kloto Region a few kilometers from Kpalime. Our church planting exercise yielded much fruit with five people responding to the gospel message. The preacher here is Clement, a graduate of BVBI-Togo. Activities during the campaign included: tract distribution in the high school, Bible study, and open air preaching at night. 

BVBI-Togo In Class With Rodrigue
Rodrigue has been one of the instructors of the school since the inception of the school in 2005. He used to preach for the Avetonu Church of Christ about 30 minutes drive from Kpalime. Though he moved to Lome, about an hour and half drive from Kpalime, he has remained committed to BVBI-Togo. 

Eleven (11) Baptized In Kpalime
Our tract distribution exercises, radio program , daily community outreach with the evangelism van, and personal house to house evangelism are making impact. Our newly constructed baptistry is facilitating baptism, even at night when prospects request to be baptized. 

Two Involved In Accident
An instructor and a student were involved in an accident while returning from Tugbli Aveho on a preaching assignment. The motor bike they were riding ran into a sheep that jumped from a nearby bush into their path. The accident victims were rushed to the Kpalime Hospital with minor injuries where they were treated and discharged. They later went in for an x-ray to be sure no bones were broken. The two have since resumed their normal duties and the bike has also been repaired. 

BVBI-Togo Vegetable Farm Project
BVBI-Togo plans to go into commercial vegetable production. In view of this plan, we appealed to Healing Hands for funds to put fence wire around the farm for protection. As soon as we complete the fencing project, we plan to hire a farm manager for the day to day management of the farm. Some of the harvested crops will be given to the students and the excess will be sold to the public. 

Report by:
H.Willie Gley

Posted on January 3, 2016 .