The Work Of Students Over The Christmas Break Bears Fruit...

Dear brethren,

We at Bear Valley Bible Institute Kenya send greetings to you. We trust you are off to a great start of 2016. We are doing well and thank God for keeping us sound, safe, and healthy.

We are always in one accord with other faithfuls all over in praying for our teacher, mentor, friend, and Lord's servant, Cy Stafford. We trust God with Cy's health and know God will heal and strengthen him for His work. 

All the 20 students are back for the second quarter second year. Elias is teaching the book of Isaiah and Hermeneutics II, while I am teaching Greek II and Bible Geography. The students are very enthusiastic about the quarter and we look forward to a great class. During this quarter we are expecting Dr. Denny Petrillo and Dr. Michael Reese to make a trip to Kenya and teach short courses on Ezekiel, Daniel, and Education Program of the Church respectively during the month of February-March.

During the December break, the students were busy and reported 18 baptisms, 4 restorations, and one church planted. Help us rejoice with the angels for the souls that put on Christ. We received good news from local congregations where the students went back to serve during the break and it is a great encouragement to us. While the students were busy in the Kingdom, Elias and I also joined different congregation during December and led in gospel campaigns and evangelism which were very fruitful; 9 souls obeyed the Lord.

We pray funds will be available to enable us to organize gospel campaigns this year where all the students should take part before graduation August 27. We still plea for help to have the school removed from the environment it is at now which is not conducive for learning. It should be relocated to help accomplish other programs of the school. Keep us in prayer.

We appreciate the great work and sacrifices being made for this work to continue bringing good; do not grow weary.

Blessings to you all.

Charles Ogutu,

Posted on January 24, 2016 .