The Activities In Togo Continue To Show Growth...

250 Attend 3rd Kloto Annual Bible Camp
It was quite a wonderful way to end the year as members of twenty congregations, numbering 250, converged at YOH near Kpalime for the 3rd Annual Bible Camp. 

The theme for this year’s camp was “The Christian Family.” However, I was assigned to speak on “Understanding Church Discipline” with an emphasis on disfellowship. A couple of preachers were also assigned topics that related to the Theme. 

Other activities during the camp included: Prayer and fasting, singing, Bible quiz, games, and short plays by children. There was a question and answer period after each lecture. We had separate classes for adult, youth, and children. The camp started on the December 24th and ended on the 28th with a worship service. 

185 Attend “Watch Night” Service 
Each year on December 31st we meet as a church to usher in the new year. It is always a joyous occasion to come together to thank God for seeing us through another year. The service started at 9:00 pm and ended at 2:00 am on January 1st. Ten congregations were represented at this service. Activities included: Singing, prayers, messages of encouragement, testimonies, etc. 

There were ten congregations in and around Kpalime with a total number of 185 present. Our place of worship was over crowded to the extent that several had to sit outside. We had good fellowship and were all edified and encouraged to enter the new year. 

First Sunday Worship Service 
The first Sunday of each year is always a good day to attend a worship service. This is the time to make resolutions and thank God for ushering one into a new year. This year’s worship in Kpalime was just that. I had the opportunity to teach the Bible class and Daniel, a recent graduate, brought the New Year message. 

Nyiveme Church of Christ Out Grows Its Place Of Worship 
The Nyiveme Church of Christ is the largest in the Kpalime area. It presently uses the class room of BVBI-Togo. The growth of the church is becoming a concern for the leadership, but what can we do? Our plan is to raise funds to purchase land and start a church building project. 

Seven Baptized In Kpalime Campaign At Kpodzi 
In December, the major campaign of the chariot team was held in a suburb of Kpalime called Kpodzi. As usual, the activities included: open air preaching, house to house Bible studies, tract distribution, and film show. At the end of it all, seven souls were brought to Christ. Bear Valley Bible Institute is benefiting from these activities of the Chariot by getting the students involved in practical evangelism. The churches in the Kpalime area are growing because of the Chariot, BVBI-Togo, and Radio program. 

World Radio Sponsored Program 
Another tool of evangelism is our weekly radio program on Radio Planet. Each Sunday evening between 6:00 – 7:00 pm the Church of Christ is heard all over Kpalime. Pierre Attah, an instructor with BVBI-Togo and secretary of the school, is the main speaker. He is assisted by preacher Asuka. Some of the students are often taken to the station to observe radio presentation. 

ZionTo FM station recently called some of our men to preach once a week at a small fee on their network. We want to take advantage of this opportunity. 

BVBI-Togo Engages In Vegetable Production
We are seriously pursuing our vegetable production project at BVBI-Togo. Pictures indicate promising results from the drip irrigation workshop organized by Healing Hands International in October last year. The crops were doing well, but water is big challenge. The students had to bring six 20 liter containers of water, always from Kpalime, to water the crops. We decided to secure farm land near a river to facilitate the project. We have started clearing the land. We already bought wire to fence around the property. 

Preachers From Kloto
Almost all the men who gathered at Kloto were trained at CBS, now BVBI-Togo. A couple of the preachers were not around at the time a picture was taken. I always thank God for how far he has brought the school. My biggest worry is that almost all these men are working without support. The one cup movement is beginning to approach some of these men with nice packages of support, motor bikes, and a rented place. Brethren, this is frightening. We need to do something quickly to keep these men preaching the pure gospel of Christ. The temptation is great, but I keep encouraging them to hang on. We spent so much to train these men. What can you do? How many preachers can you support between $50-$100 each month? Contact me if you can. 

Motor Bikes For BVBI-Togo
Two motor bikes were provided by two brethren in the USA. These bikes make the students mobile. They are used to visit prospects and bring some who are physically challenged to church. The bikes are used during our campaigns, also to visit the sick and prospects. 

Each bike now costs $1,000.00. This amount includes the cost of the bike and registration with a number plate. Would you be interested in purchasing one bike for BVBI-Togo? 

Report by:
H.Willie Gley 

To see Willie’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on January 24, 2016 .