Nine Souls Added To The Kingdom In Togo...

Five Baptized in Kpadape Campaign
Kpadape is about seven kilometers from Kpalime, and the minister is David Wama. The Chariot spent the weekend of August 27-30. Preachers and students from the CBS and Kpalime area were present to assist members of the Kpadape congregation with the campaign. Activities included tract distribution, house to house Bible studies, Chariot booth display, open air preaching and a film show. 

Willie Preaches at Kpadafe Church of Christ
The Kpadafe campaign was climaxed with a worship service. I had the opportunity to preach on the topic “Use Your Talent or Loose It,” Matt. 25:14-30. I used the lesson to encourage our brethren and new Christians to find out what their talents are, if they already did not know, develop them, and use them to the glory of God. We took a group picture after the worship service. At the close of the three day campaign, five people put on Christ in Baptism. 

Three Souls Added
The Nyiveme Church of Christ in Kpalime continues to make progress. This is because members are involved in the work. They continue home Bible studies, distribution of tracts, radio program and inviting neighbors, friends and family members to their worship services. Three ladies were recently baptized and added to the church. 

Assiki’s Wife Baptized
Joseph Assiki was one of the students who graduated on September 5. His wife was also recently buried with Christ. Joseph came to us from a denomination as a “Pastor,” but was converted while in school. He stood with his wife just after the baptism. 

CBS is now BVBI
Since 2005 we have used the name Center for Biblical Studies. Recently, the authorities of Bear Valley Bible Institute International in Colorado suggested that all schools under Bear Valley could use the name Bear Valley Bible Institute. We thought it wise to use it to reflect the relationship between us. I would therefore like to inform all my cherished readers that henceforth we shall be using the name Bear Valley Bible Institute - Togo. 

Literature Center Now Open
We recently opened a resource center in Zomayi, a suburb of Kpalime. Preacher Asuka is the one managing the center. The center is going to be used as a training ground for students. Each week two students will be assigned to work at the center for two hours each day. This practical training will help them to learn how to share literature and to share the gospel message with the public. 

Report by
Willie Gley

Posted on September 20, 2015 .