Campaigns, Mission Printing, And Growth In The Family At Wotutu...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. We do hope you are doing great in all that you do. We are doing better here in health and the rainy season is still on, as today during our worship there was a heavy down pour of rain.

Last week went on well in BVBIC-Wotutu. We were off from classes because all the short courses were over and our students were supposed to be out for campaign, but we delayed their trips because we were expecting the Mission Printing container to Wotutu, so they were supposed to stay by to help offload the ocean container.

September is always a period in Cameroon where schools, after three months vacation, resume classes. Brightland Christian Academy resumed well and God blessed the school. We can see from the increase in population that many people have started seeing the importance of Christian education. We pray God to be in more things that will continue to attract the population. This year the population is moving up from 140 kids, from last year to now. For the past two weeks, 170 kids, with many female children, have the opportunity to go to school as we make it affordable .

My child, Rita, studied the Bible at home with brother Steve, who was around our home for one week teaching a short course, “The Prison Epistles.”

My child, Rosaline, also benefitted from that opportunity to study with my friend and partner in the things of God in Cameroon.

Rosaline obeyed the gospel. Keep her in your prayers to keep growing. sShe is very smart and can do more things for her generation.

Rita also obeyed the gospel. It is awesome to see your children being focused, as they see you putting hours upon hours in what matters. Keep them in your prayers.

Cameroon was blessed again with another ocean container from Mission Printing that carried thousands of boxes of tracts. It arrived in Cameroon safe, and made it to Wotutu without much trouble on the way. We have millions of tracts to touch the lives of many as we go out preaching and teaching the truth.

They were placed in our church hall in their label ready for distribution. We placed them for easy identification and selection. We have tracts of different subject matters carefully selected by me to meet up with the questions many will ask us as we go on evangelism. This is a great tool and I pray that through our reaching out God will add many souls to His kingdom.

The arrival of the container to Wotutu, which took us hours upon hours to offload, provoked smiles and happiness as our students, 21 in number, were the first to benefit from a special box labeled “Preacher’s Box.” These boxes contain assorted books and special tracts with other things our students were so happy to benefit from. They continue to send words of appreciation to Mission Printing and partners for such a good thoughts about them. The boxes will help them start building their library. God bless you Mission Printing.

After the offloading, the same day students were ready to move for evangelism to 21 different locations. Many congregations called to get students to come and help with the work. Brother Cyprine was ready to go. Some will go to villages where the roads are bad. Cars or motor bikes cannot go there during this period because of the rains, so they will be forced to carry their boxes of tracts and their bags in different ways to make it through. Keep them in your prayers. As of now all of them made it through.

Brother Hilary was set to go. One thing I like about our students is that they are very happy whenever the time comes for mission work in different places. It is time of personal prayer and meditation because everyone is eager to make an impact in the lives of people in the community where he will serve. Keep praying for them.

Cameroon this time around had double blessings because we are both English and French. Brother Ititi Benedict is one of our graduates, and he is preaching with the congregation in Mbanga where the French school is located. He was in Wotutu to get French tracts, which will also help the work in the French part of Cameroon.

The news about the arrival of tracts in Wotutu spread like wild fire, as many preachers in different congregations all over the nation of Cameroon came down to Wotutu to get tracts for their congregations. One of these men selected his own and wrote his name on it, so that when he comes to Wotutu he will get the tracts to their destinations little by little. The rush is too much to get and from looking at things, the tracts will be in different locations in a very short while. Writing of name on a box is a sign of ownership.

We thank God that brother David Ballard and wife and brother Steve, who were here for different assignments, left our country safe without any problem. While here, cars were unable to take us, and when we had a delay in one way or the other we jumped on a motor bike and moved because time is short and souls are perishing. We have the saving message in our hands which can soften the hard hearted and bring lasting peace in the souls of many. Peace talks, after bombs and gun firing, are always short lived, but the peace we succeed to transplant in the hearts of men lasts forever. If God continues to bless us with motor bikes for most of our preachers, the work in Cameroon will take a very different dimension.

We have plans for two different locations when our children return from mission work in Likomba. We plan to join evangelism with the French school in Mbanga where we shall storm the community of Mujuka with the word of God. Keep the plans in your prayers.

God bless you for all that you do for the work here. If it were not you we doubt how far we would have gone now. God bless you and keep you strong. Share this with others. God will reward you in due season.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on September 20, 2015 .