BVBIU Is Settling Into The City Of Bila Tserkva, Ukraine...

Hello dear brothers, families and churches. 

Last month was busy with preparations to the new school year. My family and I moved to Bila Tserkva. In August we were able to find apartments for my family, for BVBIU students, and staff. Also, we had to prepare the building, put the books in the library, get tables for classrooms, put up whiteboards etc. Unfortunately, it’s the second major move for the Institute in the past 2 years. 

During this short period of our stay in Bila Tserkva, we managed to get to know the congregation. My wife, Vera, has already taught several Sunday Bible classes for kids and I got to preach last Sunday. I tried to encourage the church to start working in the Lord’s field. It all shows that this congregation accepted us and is willing to work with us. I hope there will be no pitfalls uncovered when we stay there. I try to coordinate all of my actions with the preacher of this congregation, Konstantin Kisilenko. He is a very good brother and helper who helped many families from eastern Ukraine. 

In this year, we decided to start classes on September 7. Denton Landon came to teach Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Also, we have a teacher from Ukrainian side, Stas Kuropyatnikov, who teaches Homiletics. 

We don’t have any new students. Maybe it’s influenced by the fact that the school moves often and people don’t see stability in our actions. Maybe it’s due to people looking for better financial income. I urge you to pray for Ukrainians willing to study the sound doctrine and for the men in Ukraine who desire to become preachers. 

We have 5 students in the second-year class and 2 students catching up on the first-year classes. There are 7 students in the BVBIU program now. We are expecting two students to join the first-year class in September. 

Also, we decided to make some changes in BVBIU administration. Our secretary, Oksana, has been dealing with some health issues. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for her to move from her hometown, Ternopil, to a different place. She tried to come to Bila Tserkva, but she had to return home due to her health deterioration. We are looking for somebody to substitute for her on the same level. I admit it’s very difficult to find a good quality interpreter and a secretary. I would want for Oksana to do translations from home and help with the BVBIU Master’s program. We’ll discuss all of the details with Denton Landon. Please pray for her health. 

Church of Christ in Bila Tserkva was founded about 20 years ago. Right now they have about 20 Christians who are regular attendees. They own a building in a nice part of the town. The church is involved in work with handicapped people with cerebral palsy. They are active mentally, but unfortunately they have trouble with movements. Bila Tserkva is a 1 hour drive from Kiev and 1 1 1/2 hour drive from the international airport. Staying in Bila Tserkva, we want to participate in the life of the church and spread the gospel. 

We are grateful for all the churches that support the work of the Institute and my family. BVBIU students and staff send you their greetings and gratitude for helping them implementing their desire to study the Bible and get ready for the ministry. 

Your brother and coworker for the Lord's cause.
Denis Sopelnik

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Posted on September 13, 2015 .