Praising God By A Life That Glorifies The Lord...

God is worthy to be praised by the living and I will always glorify the Lord. Among the two congregations that has elders and deacons in Cameroon, one of the few deacons just passed away and was buried yesterday. Deacon Ameli Celestine from the Buea Town congregation is no more.

Special greetings from our young assembly in Mujuka where students go for evangelism every weekend. The church is blessed to start worshiping again in that same building after they were sent away by the land-lady, but now we are doing a concrete agreement and maybe we start paying rent that will only be after our negotiation with brother Nelson and the land-lady.

Oh my beloved, how time flies. We are on our last week of studies for the second semester and instructors are already submitting their exams. Also, they are preparing to wind up their courses and make final revisions if possible.

A new list for the second semester internship is out and new congregations have called for the attention of the school to send students to their congregations. The field is vast but the laborers are few. I pray the next in take should be more than these with committed workers.

This weekend was characterized with weekend evangelism. Two students went to Muyuka, two in Nkonsamba, and three in Mbanga, even thou with the nature of our climate now, serious rains go for a long period, but we are still succeeding with our prospects.

Upcoming Events
We are thinking of making the school known to the public through a short wave TV station that is in Mbanga and to have a PA system that can be used to preach open air early in the morning and late at night if and only if the government will grant us the authorization.

Remain blessed in your congregation as you keep on thinking about the work in Mbanga in your prayers and also in your mind.


Posted on August 16, 2015 .