The School In Ukraine Is Moving To A More Permanent Location...

Hello dear brothers, families and churches. 

Thank you for your prayers and the help that you offer for the work of the Institute and for my family. Last month, we ended our school year in Ternopil. And most likely we will start a new school year in a different city. We've had time to think about what place would be the best for the Institute. When considering different locations we had several criteria in mind: 1. It should be a big city with convenient transport connections; 2. There should be a sound church of Christ congregation there; 3. It should be convenient for Ukrainian teachers to travel to; 4. It should be convenient for American teachers to travel to (international airport); 5. It should be city with no language barriers for both Ukrainian and Russian speakers; 6. It should be safe for students and workers of the Institute. I’ve sought counsel from both American and Ukrainian brethren, and we prayed for the future of the Institute. As a result, we all had but one option, which was agreeable for everyone – the city of Dnepropetrovsk. There is a church of Christ congregation there, where BVBIU graduate, Alexander Rodichev, preaches. The congregation in Dnepropetrovsk is willing to provide us with a place to have classes and school events. I’m asking you to pray for our plans and the future of the Institute. 

The situation in Ukraine is still unstable. Unfortunately, the towns near the frontline suffer from shootings. Gorlovka is one of them. There are bomb explosions and shootings in town every day, and many people can get back to their homes. The only good thing is that the borders are the way they were decided in Minsk in February. Ukrainian army strengthened their positions all around that territory, and it seems it won’t be easy for the Russian army to move as easily as they did last year. 

It is summer vacation time at the Institute and the period of evangelizing practice for the students. Students received assignments for each summer month: they have to preach, teach Bible classes, evangelize on the streets, and visit those who got sick or left the congregation. 

My family and I are in Kramatorsk at our parents, and we witnessed how the church of Christ in Kramatorsk distributed humanitarian aid among the refugees. I have also preached at the Slavyansk church of Christ last Sunday. It’s so nice to be back to my hometown and have fellowship with brothers and sisters that we haven’t seen for so long. The atmosphere in Kramatorsk is peaceful. There are many soldiers and military machines on the streets. Right now there is a VBS at the Kramatosk church of Christ, which is the usual camp that Jeff Abrams and his team does. We are grateful for his ministry. 

We plan to move to Dnepropetrovsk in July. I will have to move the Institute’s and my personal belongings there in the time remaining. I will have to find a place for the students to live and continue looking for the new students for this school year. I’m asking you to pray for our plans to work out. 

My family, our students, and teaching staff sends you their greetings. We thank every person who prays for us and supports us financially. I know God has prepared the best for us. 

Your brother and coworker for the Lord’s cause,
Dennis Sopelnik

To see Dennis’ report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on July 5, 2015 .