Reflecting On The Youth Seminar And Spiritual Disciplines Classes...

It’s my hope that this short report finds you well. God is always great. I have witnessed how God’s providence works through His children. Last week there was a great youth seminar that was held at the Kilimanjaro Bible school building. There was at least one hundred and fifty youth in that seminar. I was scheduled to teach on Saturday morning on how the Lord’s church can be self-supporting. I taught a sermon that had many questions from the youth because they had seen a lot struggles in the church. This is a one week seminar which rotates among the churches of Tanzania each a year. These young men came from many churches in the country. The greatest news is that six young men who attended seminar were baptized, and one of them was from the Kisongo church. It was surprising to see a young boy from the Kisongo Church leading songs and praying while I have never seen his hidden talent. I met with various teachers and preachers from all over the country using their talents to help young men.

Also, last Sunday I was at the Kioga church teaching in the spiritual discipline seminar, while Charles Hebert ended the same seminar at Kisongo. As you may know, edification is necessary for the children of God. This seminar has had a big impact on the church, as there is big growth due to the teachings of this seminar. The efforts of individual Christians participating in various activities in the church is evidence of the growth. At the Kioga church, there are many older people and I was amazed with their great love and compassion. The people seem to understand the lesson by asking many questions after Bible class and after worship. 

These great efforts would not be possible without a great team which you are a part of. God is the great leader of that team. Please remember the ACSOP team in your prayers as they are planning things for the glory of God, also without forgetting the missionaries who are not sleeping thinking about this work. May the God of heaven be with you.

In His Work,

Assistant Director, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on July 5, 2015 .