Outreach Near Chimala, Tanzania Produces Fruit For The Kingdom...

During the month of June, the Chimala Bible Institute held several seminars at its Southwest Tanzania campus. We had three seminars, a women’s, a youth and a preacher’s seminar, and all had successful results. There were several non-Christian visitors as well. In fact, during the youth seminar, there were 11 baptisms. During the women’s seminar, there were 2 baptisms. For the preacher’s seminar, we had a guest speaker teaching about converting Muslims.

Also, the CBI staff and students went door knocking in five different village locations. These door knockings resulted in a combined total of 12 baptisms. 

Finally, out work on the radio program is reaping great results. Just in the last month, we have 9 baptisms which are a direct result of the radio program. In the words of Xavier Ngullo, one of our CBI teachers, “the radio program, having been received with curiosity by those who hear of the church for the first time on the radio program, is showing promising results as of this and last month alone we have received calls from all over Mbozi, people are asking us to go to them, they want to hear from us directly. And we in effort of satisfying their curiosity and helping them to know Jesus more have gone around and sent to them messengers where we could not go due to time and financial limits.” Please pray for this continued work.

May the Lord continue to bless the work.

Chad Wagner

Posted on July 26, 2015 .