Five Day Trip Brings Updated Reports From Nepal...

Gajendra returned Monday from a five-day trip to the high mountains to the north. You can read his report and see the pictures that should all be part of this package. He and the two men that went with him [helicopter both ways] gained a great deal of information that is valuable now and even more needed for making wise future plans. They also delivered disaster relief materials. The spiritual needs of the people were not forgotten.  Gajendra humbly says “encourage them,” which is certainly true, but it includes daily Bible studies and evening devotionals.  

As I write this note Gajendra, Parsuram, and Surya are in south Nepal. They left in two trucks loaded with the following materials for 11 villages in Makawanpur, Chitwan, and Tanahun districts. They will deliver ……………

400 Blankets            440 Mosquito Nets
10 Tarpaulin               210 Bibles                        
220 Song Books        180 Children Bible Story Books

They will deliver all the materials to church leaders in the various areas on their way out of Kathmandu. As they return they will visit the villages and have Bible classes, and certainly lots of “encouragement.” 

This will be a 12-day mission. Much of the terrain is difficult and muddy because of the monsoon rains. Some ladies, including teen-young adults, from Kathmandu will join them for the last four days [Friday-Monday] for encouragement, Lady’s Bible classes, and Children’s Bible classes. 

A number of villages are reporting that their worship services are being attended by neighbors who have shared in receiving the relief materials provide by donors in the USA and delivered by the Church of Christ in Kathmandu. Spiritual fruit will be the result of our joint effort and labor of love.


Gajendra’s report is below.

Dear respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

I (Gajendra Deshar), brother Mencha Tamang (Christian leader from last 20 years) and Jitu Tamang (young man living at Kathmandu from Dhading district) recently visited Dhading district of Linjo, Pouru and Labdung villages on the 8th -13th of July 2015. It takes one day by bus and another two days mountain trials walking to reach Tipling village from Kathmandu. Our intention was to take some food materials and blankets with us to distribute our brethren. We were thinking about going by local transportation, but we have to fly by helicopter due to damage to the land, mudslides, cracks in the land, and for time saving.

We spent five days of our time with three different local congregations. There are 547 houses in Tipling Village Development committee of Dhading district where we have 3 different congregations at Linjo, Pouru, Essip, Fayang and Labdung villages. There are 167 Christian families in those villages. All of their houses were damaged. All of their houses look good from an outer appearance. Government officer and engineer verified that people can't live in their houses. All people are living in the tarpaulin tent. We have provided 1,200 kg. of salt and cooking oil and 1,800 kg. of rice on the month of June. This time we have taken 300 blankets, 200 kg. of cooking oil, and 100 kg. salt with us. We did morning and evening Bible studies with our Christian brethren. In the day time we discussed with our leaders regarding distribution of relief materials and future plan.

All of them are living in a tarpaulin tents. 60 people shifted from Linjo to Dhading bensi.  23 families shifted from Essip and Fayang to Pouro village. They have to build new houses after the monsoon. They are going to build houses in the same location. Few stones, metal sheets and woods will be usable. They have good water resources for drinking. They are using wood for their cooking. Some of their cooking vessels, pots, and kettles were damaged. 150 sheep and goats, 40 cows and 10 yaks died in our Christian communities. They have wheat, barley, corn, potatoes, and beans for crops. All schools are closed due to monsoon holidays. All school buildings are destroyed. Children don't have stationery and most of the people don't have clothes to wear. I saw they were wearing the same dress for five days. They have huge mud slides, damaged and cracked land. Villages told me that the government officer will give sample for the new house in the month of August.

Once again thank you for your love, support, and spiritual encouragement. May God bless you all.

Brothers in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar
Nepal Center for Biblical Study
P.O.Box 25999
Kathmandu, Nepal

Posted on July 18, 2015 .