Seventeen Baptisms And Seven Restorations Makes For A Nice Campaign...

Receive greetings from your Kenyan family, we pray you are doing well.

The training is off to a great start with quarter four, year one. We now have 19 students, after one left due to difficulty in the training. What is worth rejoicing is the fact that the student declared he will be faithful to God despite the failure to finish the training. Keep him in your prayers. We not only train preachers, but we also build there faith in the word of God to be able to walk the spiritual journey to the end.

During the three week break, I thought we, the faculty, were the busiest of all by leading the gospel campaign in Marega. We went door to door and later a gospel meeting in the evening for three days. The seed we planted lead to four souls later on obeying the gospel. Elias traveled over 200km to preach in the Kamato gospel meeting and we pray God will give the increase. I cannot forget two more invitations to speak at other gospel meetings which I could not attend due to lack of funds.  

When the students came back and reported what they were leading and part of, I saw men who are busy doing good. The majority were speakers at gospel campaigns and seminars that lead to 13 baptisms and 7 restorations. All of them during the period led worship. This is a message of confidence the church leaders has in them.

During this fourth quarter, Elias is teaching 1st and 2nd Peter and Church Planting, I am teaching the Gospel according to Luke, 1st Samuel through to 2nd Chronicles, while Joseph Ochola will teach Ezra to Esther. We will conclude by two short courses, The Gospel of John and Foundation of Missions that will be taught by teachers from the USA.

There is a great need for books, Bibles, tracts, Bible correspondence courses and Bible materials. We pray we be considered with those among others to help in the further training of preachers and spreading the sound gospel.

We are truly grateful for the roles everyone is playing that brings these fruits to God’s Kingdom.

God bless you more as you continue to pray and support this cause.

His servant and yours,

Charles Ogutu

Posted on July 10, 2015 .