God Supplies Through His Faithful Sons, You And I...

It’s my hope that things are going well with each one of us, and that we are all working hard in the kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope that the gospel is being preached and taught by the faithful servants in other parts of the world. This is only possible because of the ability that our God supplies through His faithful sons, that is you and I. 

At ACSOP we can see things going well. We started our first quarter since February 9, 2015. We enrolled 13 more students for the first year; these are the men from Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. We started teaching them the book of Genesis, taught by Godfrey Mngoma, “How We Got the Bible” taught by Daniel Gaines. I am teaching “Biblical Interpretation: Introduction to Hermeneutics.” “Writing Skills” is being taught by Charles Hebert, and “Spiritual Disciplines” is being taught by Desdery Massawe. 

My fellow teachers and I are working hard to mold and strengthen these fellows by imparting to them skills in the word of God. The 15 second-year students are in the first quarter of their last year of being in ACSOP for studies. They are expecting to graduate on November 28 of this year. We really appreciate this great effort which is being undertaken here in this other part of the world because of your prayers, and your great financial support that you gave to make these things happen. May our God of our Lord Jesus Christ supply all your needs as you do to us. Amen. 

Your servant in Christ Jesus,

Losotwa Michael
Dean of Academics
Andrew Connally School of Preaching 
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, TZ

Posted on February 22, 2015 .