The Year Ahead Holds A Few Changes For The Work At CBI...

Classroom Roof Repair
Due to the generosity of brethren in America, we have been able to do some much needed roof repair to our buildings at CBI. We had several problems with leaky roofs which was causing our ceilings to fall in. However, now we have been able to patch up our tin roof, fix the ceilings inside the classrooms and get the tin painted which will not only help it look better, but help to seal any other holes in the tin. 

Staff Changes
CBI will be going through some staff changes for the 2016 school year. For several years, Remmy Mfaume has faithfully served as the director of the English program at CBI. He has also been preaching for a growing congregation at Chang’ombe. He will be shifting to our Herring Christian Secondary School in January to head up the Bible Knowledge program. In Tanzania, we are blessed with the opportunity to teach the Bible in high schools. Students at this age are very receptive to the Gospel and we are hoping to capitalize on this opportunity. He will be replacing Ezekiel Mwambogolo who will be moving back to CBI in January. Ezekiel will become Dean of Students at CBI. Both men are very eager for their new positions as they both strive to teach and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Large Class in 2016
Classes start on January 18 and we are looking forward to a great year. We have a large incoming Swahili class this year. In fact, we are going to have a total of 30 students. We had to put a limit on our number of students due to a lack of student support. 

We are blessed to have the ability to purchase new mattresses and mosquito nets for our students. It is due to the generous Christian spirit of people like you that we have these abilities. May God continue to bless you in 2016.

World Bible School
Lord Willing, we will be blessed with a visit from Philip Palmer of World Bible School. He will be coming to tour Tanzania promoting and launching WBS’s new program called “God Bless East Africa.” He will be visiting several churches throughout Tanzania. We are excited about partnering with WBS in this new program.

We will also be launching a new program alongside WBS’s “God Bless East Africa” where we will be inviting new students to study through WBS lessons starting in the larger cities of Tanzania. In many of these larger cities, we have little to no presence of New Testament Christianity. We find that starting with WBS lessons, we will be able to build a student base in these cities. Then, later, we will be able to hold seminars to reach these students. God is doing great things in Tanzania!

Chad Wagner

Posted on December 27, 2015 .