Year-End Results From Mbanga, And Prison Ministry Grows...

Dearest beloved, accept our warm salutation as we round out the school activities for the year 2015. The grace of God has been with us throughout 2015, but in some a days to come, we shall close up the doors of this year by His love and mercy upon us.

Truly this year has been a wonderful one with the young dynamic school that opened her doors last April 4th (Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon - Mbanga). The institution is just 8 months old and has as record the following:

1) The school started with about 10 students (6 married and 4 single), but we are left today with 5 married and 1 single, making all together 6 that are on field work or third quarter campaign and we pray for their return on January 3rd.

2) Our staff is made up of 5 permanent (local) instructors, including the Director. The coordinator and many others that come are responsible for the short courses, if need be.

3) The students are still on the field for their third quarter campaign that ends on the 20th. With the students, we have attended 1 annual lectureship were we had 9 baptisms and 2 restorations, two gospel meetings where we recorded 5 baptisms and 3 restorations, one youth retreat with 14 baptisms.

4) So far my beloved, with the students during field work and weekend evangelism, we recorded 22 baptisms so far and about 30 restorations with what was started above.

5) One new congregation was created and permanently worships at Peage Mujuka, with another one in the making at Sancho where we have studies with 2 other instructors. Presently, 2 students are there for the campaign and one soul has already been added to the Lord, but still they have nowhere to worship for now, so they still move up to Dschang. No congregation was restored for now, but we visited an area where we have a few Christians who were worshiping. They closed their doors because they do not have a place to worship, so we are still working on that come 2016, by His grace.

May the grace of God be with all our support team congregations (Frisco, Pattonville, Bear Valley, etc.). Never to give up. We pray for you and we love you. Have a splendid 2016. Please, if something is missing just let me know.

Brother Ititi

Christian greetings to you all. 

I wish you a Merry Christmas (as you people look forward to share gifts), and a Happy New Year in advance. Within the last week the Lord added 9 souls in Mbanga Principal Prison. Keep these brethren in your prayers. Brother Brandon Watson donated 26 New Testaments to the brethren in Mbanga prison. 

Last week, while we were in Bible study, one corner of the house where we meet in worship collapsed. Keep praying for the church in Kombe village. The difficulties we face involve locating permanent land and a building, so that we will come together and serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear. 

God bless you.
Brother Nicholas

Posted on December 20, 2015 .