TCC And FPTC At The ACSOP In Arusha, Tanzania...

It has been a great pleasure to write to you about the great things that God did in His kingdom here in this part of the world. There are a lot of them, but just to highlight a few: Tanzania Christian Camp started immediately after Future Preacher Training Camp ends. 

One reason for putting FPTC ahead of TCC is to increase the number of young men attending this second camp. When FPTC is over, the young men can stay at their Christian friend’s homes (without going home for the weekend, since many came from far away) and have another great week of "spiritual training."  

We eagerly anticipated the arrival of John Rice, sister Bethany McGill and her two children. They, along with Ben Thompson, his family, and others, conducted Tanzania Christian Camp (TCC). This is a "much-looked-forward-to" yearly event where young folks are saturated with Bible teaching, inspired by spiritual songs, and greatly encouraged by the fellowship of other Christians.

This year a total number of 136 boys and girls attended the camp leading to an addition of 18 more souls into Christ through baptism. God made it possible, the glory is to Him. Amen. Thanks for making all this possible!

Every child of God is very important in the kingdom, but there are some who really need to be appreciated, for they sacrificed their whole life in service to the Lord. One who can be mentioned is Cy Stafford and his family. Please remember this fellow in your daily prayers as he is now undergoing various treatments for the sake of his physical health.        

We wish you a wonderful holiday season in which to relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Time spent with family is worth more than all the gifts money can buy.

With love from East Africa,

Losotwa Michael
ACSOP Dean of Academics

Posted on December 20, 2015 .