All That Is Done By The Mighty Hand Of God...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

It is our hope and prayer that our great God is blessing you all in all the right ways. The good that has been done, is being done, and that will continue to be done is by the mighty hand of God and through your prayers and support. Thank you!

So many good things are currently going on in East Africa. It thrills the soul to see God working through His faithful to the saving of countless souls. Examples:

Presently we have the Storks family: Todd, Susan, their son Wesley, daughter Haley and her fiancé Mason. They are on a survey trip, hopefully to return in 2016 as missionaries to Tanzania.

Ben and Elizabeth Thompson and their 2 children are in Tanzania to conduct the Tanzania Christian camp, along with their friend Bethany and her children.

Neil Richey and his son Peyton have been in Tanzania helping with the Future Preacher’s Training camp where 40 plus young men gathered to sharpen their skills in preaching and leading in the worship service.

A great success this past weekend at the second Children & Ladies Seminar held in Karatu  being conducted by Desdery and Jane, along with Justin, Anna and Samantha. They were pleasantly surprised to have 120 children and 6 baptisms among the adults that were studied with.

Charles Ogutu and David Wasonga traveled to the costal city of Mombasa to follow up on some Bibles that were requested and delivered earlier in the year. Here is his short note: “I and David Wasonga are in Mombasa to visit the Christians there and conduct Bible studies. We thank God for the four souls who obeyed the gospel. We still hope for more souls as we continue to study. Thanks for the trust and confidence you have in me to preach the gospel to the lost souls and edify the saved. Thanks for supporting our trip fully. Blessings to you and your family. His servant Charles.” 

David Bayi reports: “The following is a short report for the Kioga Church of Christ: Baptisms this month are three, two last Sunday and one mid-week, so God is working within and we have to return glory to Him. Attendance last Sunday was 105 includingkids. The class was 40 women and girls were 45, men were 20. Your Faithful Brother in Christ, David Bayi.”

Yusuph Mdaki reports: “Hello we are doing well. The Bible tracts were spread throughout the month of November with amazing results. Sixteen souls obeyed the gospel; seven at Ibambula and nine at Kazibizyo. Yesterday my wife and I spread 300 tracts at the Kahama hospital and bus station. Many workers of the hospital received tracts. In His service, Yusuph.”

Prayer requests: Please remember the Michael Whitworth family, minister at the Keller congregation, Keller, TX. They lost their two year old son, Daniel, this past week. We express our love and send our prayers for them during this most trying time.  

Please continue to remember little Quin who continues with his chemo treatments. His parents, Paul and Tara Merryman are in need of our love, prayers, and support. 

Cy’s update: First of all, if you have written me in the last week or so and have not received a reply, I apologize. Stephanie and I left Tanzania early due to some health issues I am experiencing. I have been in the hospital for almost a week now and we have more questions than answers. We hope to see the doctors tomorrow and prayerful get some answers. As soon as I can I will reply to your emails, notes, etc. Your prayers are most welcomed. 

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on December 13, 2015 .