Students Provide A Great Boost To Evangelism In Kenya...

Greetings from your fellow workers at the Kenya School of Preaching. I trust this finds you and all doing well your side. 

The students are doing really well in class and have been a great boost to evangelism in the area around the school. This week the 20 students are going for the December long break and will be back in January 2016. This has been wonderful class and I can't wait to hear the reports of the work they will get involved in. Let’s keep them in our prayers to keep the desire and the zeal for evangelism alive as they have been doing in 11 local congregations around Kisumu and Rift Valley.

Short Course
This quarter we had the rare blessing and opportunity of having Daniel Gaines and Charles Heberth from ACSOP Arusha, Tanzania come to teach Marriage/Family and the epistle of James, respectively. This was beneficial for the students to learn about the same gospel from different people of various ethnicity. The faculty was also rejuvenated by sharing with the visiting teachers. Thanks to Cy and Mike Reese for making this possible. We pray this will continue in the future.

Bible and Agriculture Skills
As we look forward to hearing of the great evangelistic work of the students during the December break, we also wait eagerly to hear of the impacts of the Agricultural seminar that was conducted this year to help the students produce food to sustain themselves and families. All the students received the irrigation kits and we trust they will use both the Bible and agricultural skills to reach out to the spiritual and physical needs of their communities. We thank Healing Hands International for the work they did here through Ebenezer and Mike Reese. We hope this will be done every two years when we have new class. 

In my last reports, I did not share the great work that was done by the students during the break. Most of the students teamed up with other local preachers in various villages and evangelized in an effort to establish two churches, 40 baptisms, and 14 restorations. This should make us all have hope of greater work in the Kingdom during the break.

Church Meeting at Hellena Court
We are in the process of looking for a rental building where the church will meet and be led separate from the preaching school. There is a need to separate the church from the preaching school for the people here to see clearly the organization of the church as it is in the Bible. This will require assistance and we pray brethren will help this noble cause of having a New Testament Church established in Kisumu city.

Gospel Invitations
During this December break, I already have five invitations to speak in different gospel campaigns, meetings, and Bible studies. This is humbling to me, yet I fear I might not be able to attend because all these require funds for travels, accommodations, and Bibles which are genuinely needed in these meetings. Keep this in your prayers for the desire to be realized. I need to attend these to be part of rescuing and building of souls. 

I will travel to Arusha to attend ACSOP’s 12th graduation ceremony on November 28. This is an opportunity to meet faithful brethren and learn from wise men of God on how we can improve and better our best.

Closing remark
Brethren, this marks the end of our year two - quarter one for the second class here at KSOP. We thank our faithful God for His guidance, we thank the elders at Charlotte Avenue for their unwavering support, and we thank all for your prayers and support. Do not grow weary in doing good especially for the work that is changing spiritual lives daily like this. Remember our cry of moving the preaching school from a residential compound to an environment conducive for learning.

Blessings and Happy Holidays. We will continue to mention your names and the work to God.

Charles Ogutu,
Director, Kenya School of Preaching

Posted on November 29, 2015 .