Gamma Batch Nears The End Of Their First Year Of Studies In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this part of the globe. We do hope this letter finds you in good health and sound faith. We are doing our best here and we continue to thank God for His great care and love over us.

Last week was great as our students were busy writing their fourth quarter exams. It went on well.

Last week ended with the annual Bible lectureship in Cameroon. It was a huge success as you will read it on this report.

Our students, with others were ready for the annual Bible lectureship in Banga Bakundu Village, it was good to see brethren from different part of the country to join together to evangelize and also to nurture one another.

We left Wotutu with many cartons of Mission Printing tracts because there are some congregations who called and pleaded with us to get some tracts for them. It was great and a fulfillment for us to give out many tracts to zealous evangelists who will take it to the hands of prospects, who by His grace, can become converts. Keep praying for this.

Our students are not strangers in a place as far as is the work of the Lord. They arrived at Banga Bakundu Village early enough to help the host congregation get things set for others. We are glad to plant in them the spirit to serve not to be served.

Immediately after setting things in order, students and staff started with house to house evangelism. We love this because it is done one on one. It was good to see the boldness of students knocking doors and meeting people in front of their doors and many will welcome us and give us seats to share with them the message.

Elder Randy and wife are in Cameroon. They came to teach a short-course. They are from the overseeing congregation and it is always good to welcome them to see the work first hand and to make spiritual contribution to the work. This makes the third time for them to come and be part of the work. Keep praying for them that their stay and their mission to be accomplished to the glory of God.

Our van which came through their efforts took them today to Buea Central Prison after our worship for the prison ministry that one member of our congregation is a minister there, brother Nitua Vincent. It was great to hear him speak the message to the inmates who are now Christians to be positive in all that they do.

We were not allowed to take cameras inside the prison yard. That is why we don’t have pictures of the team inside the small hall which we use for worship.

We were able to take a picture with some of the brethren in Wotutu who accompanied us to the prison. We are having good weather now.

God is faithful to us. Our weekend evangelism led to the adding of 6 precious souls into His vineyard. Keep praying for the souls and the congregations to nurture them to maturity.

1) The last short-course to mark our first year of studies for the Gamma batch starts tomorrow and the maiden class for the students wives starts tomorrow. We pray we always have the means to get student wives at the end of each quarter to come stay in Wotutu for one week to study, so that they will be active partners of the work their husbands will do full time after graduation. It cost us about 25.000 frs to feed and transport each of them from their villages to Wotutu and back after one week.

2) Keep me in your prayers as I travel to Nigeria for the NCI lectureship and graduation ceremonies next week.

Our words cannot really express the joy and thankfulness of all that you do for us and the work here. God bless you and open doors for you more.

Do your best to share with others.

God bless you all.

Elangwe and family
By the grace Director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on November 29, 2015 .