Evangelistic Campaign Results In Souls Added To The Kingdom In Nigeria...

Beloved in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from your fellow laborers in the vineyard of our Master, Jesus.

Reports just reached me from brother Augustine Odoh, one of our year 2 students, along with other year two students that are accompanying him in a two week campaign for Christ. Evangelism in his home town since December 19, 2014 through January 4, 2015 shows that the Lord's church was just planted in their village, Watuolo Utonkon, Ado Local Government of Benue state, and the two week’s evangelism was also blessed with eight converts. To God be the glory!

I taught from one of my old tracts on January 4, 2015 as I spoke on “Behold He Cometh” (Revelation 1:7; Acts 1:9-11), while brother Gabriel Ishom, one of the BVBI certificate students, admonished the church at Onikokoro / Gbongudu, Ibadan on “Remember Lot’s Wife” (Gen.19:15-26). We were 52 in today's attendance with a total collection of N4,200.

At our Cross-Over Night Program on December 31 through January 1, 2015 (from 9:30 pm on Wednesday through 12:40 am on January 1, 2015) I served as the moderator. Brother Makinde Emmanuel, my first son and one of the present BVBI certificate students, admonished the gathering on “What the Lord Requires of Thee in the New Year” from Deuteronomy 19:12-22; Brother Lawrence Olawale Dada, one of the graduates of the SWSE 2009 set, also admonished the gathering on “God’s Promses for You in the New Year” from 1 Samuel 30:1-20; while brother Adedoyin Sola Rotimi, a BVBI certificate student, spoke on “Walking with God with Faith in the New Year” from Matthew 14:22-32. We were seventy-five in attendance.

On January 1st, we gathered together to rejoice with brother Olawale Dada and his wife, Omowumi, for the naming of their second son, according to Yoruba culture.

Brethren, classes commence tomorrow (Monday) at SWSE, Ibadan’s main campus. I will pilot some students who are with me for the two week’s end-of-the-year program to the campus at Butubutu by 3:00 pm, Lord's willing.

We thank you all for your moral and financial support. May the Lord of blessing continue to bless all our joint efforts in Christ name, Amen.

Yours in Him....
Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

Posted on January 4, 2015 .