Growth, Fellowship, Preparation, And A Soul Added To The Kingdom...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end. We do hope you are doing great in all that you do. In CBIW we are doing our best, as we invest in training men to preach.

One month is already gone with the Gamma batch of students. We can courageously say we are on a good footing now, as we continue to digest the courses lined up for this quarter to equip the brothers as they prepare for ministry.

Some Beta batch students are visiting and we give them opportunity to speak during the chapel period. It will give ample opportunity for them to share with the new students experiences about CBIW and full time ministry.

The students enjoyed fellowship with one another and food prepared by evangelist Konlack Patrick and wife to share with the students making a successful one month involvement in his full time ministry in a young congregation. He said he decided to come back to his roots to help the new students know how sweet it is to be in CBIW and the mission field and how hard it is also, two way traffic.

Fellowship in the school shows how beautiful it is to dwell with brethren in unity.

Evangelist Konlack made a speech encouraging the new students.

We have a visitor who came from Madagascar. He visited us. He is of Cameroonian nationality, but lives in that country. When he visited home and heard much about the work of CBIW, he came up to Wotutu. He visited the students in class and shed tears, crying for those who will come over to Madagascar and help the work. The entire country has up to 5 strong congregations. Because it is French speaking he wishes that some French tracts and French speaking preachers would go there and help. He is eager for someone to sponsor a student to leave Madagascar to Cameroon to study with the French speaking school that goes operational by April. This will be a gate way to that southern African country. Please, please contact me if you have idea on what can be done with the kingdom of God there.

Our morning Radio program is still touching lives in Wotutu and nearby villages. We are looking for means to increase the frequency by adding some good original horn speakers that will take the message further.

God added a soul into His kingdom here, while one soul brother John Myl was restored back to the fold.

We were invited for evangelism in Dikome congregation for weekend evangelism the second week of next month. Keep this long and difficult trip because of the bad roads in your prayers.

God bless you for all the efforts you are investing to make things happen here in Cameroon. Thank you and God will continue to bless you to do more for His glory. Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on January 25, 2015 .