CBIW: The Village Clock...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings and love from your brothers and sisters in Wotutu, here in Cameroon. We are happy to bring to your knowledge the happenings here and how God continues to make Himself known through the preaching of the gospel daily.

Accept great love from the CBIW family here. We do hope this report finds you doing great in all that you must do for your family and the family of God.

CBIW students continue with their studies fervently as they approach the day of their departure from CBIW and their enter into the field for full time mission work. Even though some are sick, they still struggle to make it to class and the library to get their assignments done before the new class. I appreciate and admire their zeal for the work. I pray this zeal will grow as they continue to serve the Lord.

This week during our chapel period, we were talking on the topic “Team Spirit.” We are making sure our students have that team spirit to work with one another because no particular human is an island. We are preparing them for ministry to make sure they are connected to one another, so that it will ease the work God has called them to do, trusting that God is the best employer and will never owe his workers.

CBIW students, and some members of the Wotutu congregation, spent 6 hours on Saturday praying and fasting on the theme “Team Spirit.” With team spirit the work of the church will grow fast. We made them know that each and every one of them is a partner in the ministry of Christ. As some were on their knees, others stand and lift up their hands, to empty themselves to God for Him to use them for His glory.

Sister Vivian Ntoko obeyed the gospel today. The husband obeyed the gospel one month ago through the early morning program back to the Bible. They were just visitors to Wotutu and were captured by our early morning preaching. Many in Wotutu call the church of Christ in Wotutu, The Village Clock. This is because we get up early to preach and many will get up because of the waves of our speakers and listen to the word as they make preparation to go to their farms and other businesses.

Brother Itoe David baptized sister Gladys into Christ in Wotutu. She was always rude to us as we shared the gospel in the compound that she lives in. She would stay behind the house as if she did not want to listen to our teaching when we were out for evangelism these past three years. She seems as if she detests the church of Christ and she would go behind and counteract our preaching after we left the compound.

Today was Gladys’ second time to worship with the church after 3 years. God is faithful. Last week, she reluctantly took the tract from Mission Printing, “From My Heart To Yours.” She read through it and early this morning, as we were preparing for worship, she came to my office to greet me. She said I have decided to come again today to worship with you people. After worship she came to my office again for more clarification about “There is Only One Body.” She is a chorister in her denomination. After talking again with her, she said in my young age I was deceived for a long time, but I found the truth now. She obeyed the gospel with joy. She is just here for holidays in Wotutu, but before she leaves we will connect her to the nearest congregation in her town,

Our students went out for mission work, but could not really do evangelism because after the prayers and fasting on Saturday. They embarked on their journey and many arrived at their destinations late, but God is blessing the work here as we keep the dead congregations alive because our students are there every week.

Keep praying for Cameroon because of the planned strike, which was suppose to take place last week, did not hold. The prices of basic commodities are still in the increase, life will become harder and more difficult for many people here. Those of us who are not connected to the government are seeing that many children may not go back to school because most parents will not have enough to live on and  enough to pay fees. Many cannot afford hospital bills in this time that many are sick. What a society we find ourselves in. Please, please pray for us.

Isokolo’s work is still pending because of the amount of rainfall. Isokolo is found on the west coast of Cameroon and those areas are the wettest place in Cameroon.

We continue in the new work in the Bolifamba congregation. They need our students so that they will employ one at the end.

God bless you for accepting to help the work here. We do appreciate your prayers, love shown,  and deep concern in many ways towards the success of this work. If not of you, we doubt how this work will have been. God alone will reward you and keep you strong for more of His services in Jesus name.

Do your best to share this report with others. We appreciate your comments and thoughts.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on August 3, 2014 .