Triple Play From SIBS, And Worth The Read...

May, 2014

Staff and Students
During this period, one outstanding issue that was noteworthy and needed commendation was the spirit and zeal of our teaching staff. All the instructors, but our English teacher, who had just enrolled in his Master’s program, showed such great dedication in the discharge of their respective roles. Our instructors travel each week from far and near to teach their classes. Some of them travel as far as about 220 kilometers away, from Takoradi to the school. The wonderful harmony that existed between the instructors and students at the campus was wonderful.

Besides two students, Francis Mbugri and Roger Osei, who were having some personal challenges which affected their attendance, the rest of the students were punctual. Besides our twelve regular male students, Angela, the only female student, continued to attend classes for audit purposes.

Groundwork At Dobro Township
(SIBS) campaign week gave our students and some of the teachers the opportunity to undertake a vigorous but spontaneous open air preaching at Dobro township with the intention of beginning the Lord’s church at least from the campus in the meantime. This was like a “presence evangelism,” which certainly would be followed with proclamation and total evangelization of Dobro.

Due to frequent power cuts, the need for a generator set could not be over-emphasized. This is to help with students studies when the lights go out, and to protect students from dangerous reptiles and intruders sneaking into the compound.

June, 2014

The month of June was a memorable one for us at [SIBS]. Brethren met to worship the Lord for the first time at the school campus, which is a separated area from the main township of Dobro.

Campus Church Starts
The area house to house evangelism, coupled with the distribution of gospel tracts and literature, has been productive. Some members of the Lord’s church living in the area where (SIBS) is located were reached. There were also others who occasionally attended worship services far away in town from where they had relocated, or were not attending at all at this point in time. On average, we had twenty-seven meeting each Sunday, comprising nineteen adults and seven children. We plan to extend the campaign here to the main township of Dobro where natives and residents will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

All students were present for classes this time, which was a great encouragement to the campus church. Some of them were assigned to worship with the campus church, while the rest were distributed to worship with nearby congregations around us.

Visiting Instructor
It was indeed a privilege to have brother Jerry Bates from Truth For Today, visiting to teach the course on Leadership during the first short-course period in our second quarter. Undoubtedly, the students learned new lessons on Christian leadership, focusing especially on the virtues of humility and service. The students’ general observation was that the class provided them with very useful insights on Christian leadership.

To arrest the problem of the constant electricity supply cuts, we have been fortunate enough to be able to purchase a generator to help with the students study and other electricity needs.

July, 2014

Students’ Concerns
The end of July also marked a successful end of our second quarter on our school schedule. All the students, having been tested on the courses taught them during the period, came out with encouraging grades. Concerning the course content of [SIBS], some were of the view that, this could be higher than a certificate level course, and even merits a diploma. Another cause for concern is that, most of the preaching schools in the country are diploma awarding institutions after completion of the course. Accordingly, most churches now emphasize the diploma as a requirement for the qualification for preacher employment. The students pondered if the [SIBS] governing board would consider their viewpoint.

Short Course
As usual, in the middle of the quarter comes a two week short-course. Kojo Acquah Beenyi taught the second part of the short-course on: The New Testament Church. This again gave most of the students, the opportunity to appreciate the biblical teaching on: the one true church in the eternal purpose of God for man. There was a great sense of fulfillment in them, as they realized they are being sufficiently equipped to preach the truth of God’s word.

Campus Church Makes Steady Progress
The Lord’s church, established on the campus, continues to make steady growth. Attendance has gone from fifteen to twenty-four adults. Since the church here is about four kilometers away from the main township of Dobro, we have decided to organize a campaign in September, hoping to establish the church here, where the campus church will be moved to the main town. One major reason for this move is to make the church accessible to the local people. We have already looked for a meeting place in one of the public schools in town for a meeting place.

Please remember [SIBS] and the beginning mission efforts always in your thoughts and prayers.

Seth Osae-Larbi

Posted on August 17, 2014 .