The Influence of NIBS In Nepal Is Growing...

As the first half of 2014 now lies behind us, we look back on six months of progress in many areas for the church in Nepal. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the last four and one-half years, since the establishment of the Nepal Center For Biblical Study [NCBS] was opened in January 2010, have seen more progress than any other time in the history of the church in Nepal. NCBS is touching the spiritual lives of many more Christians than just the students attending our regular classes.

Our first group of students [2010-2011] produced 5 graduates. The second group numbered 6 graduates. Presently we have 12 full time students scheduled to graduate in late 2015. We even have 4 students from India and more waiting to enroll for the 2017 graduating class. Our graduate students, plus the campaigns we do in their home areas, are our best method of public relations. “You shall know them by their fruits.”

There are three major ministries through the school:

1. The regular two-year teaching/study program for our full time students.

2. One-week [sometimes two] campaigns to areas outside the Kathmandu Valley. Gajendra, the NCBS Director, some teachers, and the students work in close harmony with the local church leaders during these outings.

3. Four times each year we bring preachers and leaders from all over Nepal into Kathmandu for a full week of special classes. These classes are often taught by visiting foreign preachers, yet we also have at least one class each year taught wholly by Nepali preachers. The fellowship is equally cherished along with the teaching.

Every October [National Hindu Holidays] we have a Teen & Young Adult Class/Camp. Young people from many parts of Nepal, and now India also, come together for Bible study, fellowship, and Christian fun with their peers. The greatest compliments we receive are from the parents when they return home.

Last July we had two visiting preachers and their wives come for two weeks. The wives taught some ladies Bible classes in Kathmandu and also in east Nepal. The reception was so overwhelming that it was decided to initiate a WOMEN TEACHING WOMEN outreach. Officially this is not a direct part of the school and receives separate funding. However, school sponsored programs led to this program. Sunita, who was the translator last July, is the most active teacher, including going to villages that require all-night bus rides.  

Our students lead monthly Teen & Young Adult classes at my home [Jerry]. These classes, as well as all our classes [campaigns, Kathmandu classes, women] are set up to encourage individual study before coming to class. This leads to more discussion, questions/answers, and more active personal learning, which have a greater impact when the class members return home.

Some preachers and congregations that initially gave the school a very “cool” reception are now active and enthusiastic supporters. We can’t accept all the invitations we receive for campaigns, classes, and fellowship. That is a nice problem to have. The progress has been and continues to be noticeable to the church community in Nepal. This encourages and motivates us for the work that lies ahead.  

Please remember us in your prayers.

Jerry Golphenee  
Gajendra Deshar, Director

Posted on July 6, 2014 .