Back In The Classroom...

My beloved,

The Kenya School of Preaching (KSOP) students are back to classes from the short break and looking forward to the first KSOP graduation in August 23, 2014. I am teaching Greek IV and 1, 2, & 3 John. Elias is teaching Hebrews and Preacher and his work. Jacob Omollo will teach Jeremiah and Lamentations. Roger Shepherd will teach a short course to both the under graduate and graduate class (Foundation of Mission) while Mike Reese will teach Congregational Development to undergraduate class. 

There is no greater joy than knowing these men love and walk in truth during the break based on the reports they share.

While they went for break, all participated in personal evangelism and Bible studies which resulted in a total of 5 baptisms and six restorations. It need not be said here but it’s worth knowing that a restored soul is worth the same joy as a baptized soul.

Separately one student, Adamson, followed up on a local congregation which had abandoned worship two years ago and went back denomination. Through his efforts he managed to reach out to individual former members pleading with them to get back to the Lords word and worship. At the time of writing this report, 6 men called from the village of Uradi inquiring if we can help them with grapes so they can begin true worship. It’s great news to hear a whole congregation of over 10 members being restored to worship. On the other hand, another student stood firm and told off a denominational leader who wanted to be a member of the church with his two wives.

The Sigomre church organized a gospel campaign and invited the KSOP students who helped with door to door evangelism with one soul being baptized, one being restored who used to worship in another congregation, but when she moved to Sigomre went back to the denomination because she could not locate the true church. We had three visitors who attended worship and one was a member of Church of Christ in Africa which has its head quarters in Kisumu near KSOP. He could not differentiate the Church of Christ and the Church of Christ in Africa yet he opened his heart to learn what the Bible says.

There are very many sincere, yet lost souls that are being rescued if/when we go out. These students still need to go out more to the field and work.

The KSOP second intake is going on, and so far we have 26 potential students who have complied with the requirements. We still wait for others to meet the requirements and still others are sending the application forms.  

From time to time, the neighboring children within the compound have been playing within the premises breaking windows and door glasses. This time round they cut a pipe taking water into one of our tanks.

Thanks to all who are involved with the great work of training preachers. Keep mentioning KSOP in your prayers. We still have needs of buying land and constructing the school building.

His worker,
Charles Ogutu, Kisumu – Kenya

Posted on July 20, 2014 .