A Marriage, Family Evangelism, And Growth In The Church...

Dearest in Christ

Greetings from Cameroon. It is a great pleasure for us to share with you what God is doing in our communities. We do hope this report meets you in good health.

Our sincere thanks goes to God for His care and providence to us in our needs. The weather continues to be what it is, rainfall is constant and provokes many to get sick. Rainfall also disturbs and makes our weekend evangelism more stressful as our students will leave school on Friday night and some of them will be getting to their locations for weekend evangelism after midnight or 1 a.m. the next day because of the deplorable conditions of the roads. But because we think souls we must go for souls, so that we may rob from the strong man’s house.

Brother Mella Ferdinand, our current student, and sister Evelyn were able to come together and get a picture together. Brother Mella came into CBIW as a single student but by His grace he will leaving CBIW in December graduation as a married evangelist. They finished their traditional rites and sister Evelyn, a sister in Wotutu congregation, is now married to brother Mella. Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare themselves for ministry.

This month we are working on the general theme in the Wotutu congregation on the topic “Family Evangelism.” We are aiming at involving families in our congregation to start evangelizing those in their families with the pure message of Christ. We also encouraged families to take their family members to other places to share the gospel on house to house. My wife and my son, Raymondchris Jr., walked in Kongwe village as we spent a day there with the congregation. The entire road was messed up, but we trekked to the village. Keep our efforts in your prayers.

This weekend, the Wotutu congregation played host to a seminar that helped train sisters to know how to teach children in their class. As we think about the growth of the church we are also thinking about the sustenance of congregations, that is why teaching sisters to know how to teach children classes is a burning passion in our ministry because the children are the future church. If we mess up their foundation today, then we don’t need to expect a better church tomorrow. God forbid. Keep this gesture in your prayers as sisters of 7 congregations around Wotutu came to be part of the training.

More mission printing tracts keep leaving Wotutu. We have less than 400 cartons now, as the news about the availability of tracts in CBIW goes to the ears of many congregations all over Cameroon. Many will hire a car to come and get their quantity for their use. Many congregations have tripled their evangelistic efforts because of these tracts. Please keep praying for the work in Cameroon.

This weekend took our students to two new congregation who have been calling us to come and help them. Mabonji congregation and Mile 16 congregation, all in southwest region of Cameroon, sent their appreciations for working with our students. Mile 16 congregation is not too far from Wotutu and they need us to send students on a weekly basis. Today, the congregation worshipped with 56, so they can help get our students back and forth. A total of 3 souls were baptized and 2 restorations were recorded in our weekend work.

The Koba and Dikome congregations will continue to expect our students late night or early morning because of the nature of the road, but the Christians will remain awake waiting for the arrival of the students. This problem will only be solved when a student graduates and goes there permanently after December.

Most of our plans are being distorted by the weather conditions. As we continue to plan for mass house to house evangelism in Isokolo, it is still pending because weather does not permit.

God bless you and keep you strong. You are a meaningful partner in God’s business here. If not for your love and deep concern it would not have been possible. God replenish all your sacrifice.

Please do your best to share our reports with others.

Elangwe and family

Posted on July 20, 2014 .