What Is The Church's Supreme Aim And Task?

Greetings Fellow Servants,

The life we have been blessed with, in Christ Jesus, is a life full of joy and service opportunities. Tanzania, I believe, offers one of the best last places on planet earth, to serve a people who genuinely seek God, His will, and true unity of the faith. We thank you for this privilege of service to a people so welcoming. 

Field Report: Yusuph reports one soul added at the newly planted congregation at Kahama and another soul obeying the gospel at the Ushirombo congregation.

A Story: “The death of my blood father at Kogrogwe” - On 27th of April, 2014 my father passed away at Korogwe after suffering with diabetes for a long time. The Burial was on the 29th at our home in Korogwe. I give God my thanks for he had obeyed the Gospel since August 2013 and has stayed in Christianity the whole 7 months, though he was in his bed the entire time. Now there is a new congregation at Korogwe. Each Sunday the church would pray with my father, serve him the Lord’s Supper and sing songs of praise to our God. I believe I will see him again, in Heaven. God bless you all, Your’s in Christ, Yusuph.” 

Field Report: “As I evangelize with the Gospel through several classes, I have been able to teach two men who have obeyed and have been baptized: Pascal Peter (28 years old) on April 24th, 2014 and Daniel Matiya (30 yrs old) on May 17th, 2014. I have several other on going classes, two more brothers very close to the Kingdom. I continue teaching Bible at Ganako Secondary School each Friday morning and at Karatu College on Friday afternoon. Our greatest need, a permanent place to worship. We have land, three rooms with walls, but no roof, windows or doors. We pray God will provide. Yours in Christ, Clement M. Murungu.”

Field Report: Jackson reports seven souls having been added to the church that meets at Manyire this year. Amen!

Desperate times call for desperate measures. If the Lord wills, I will be coming to America in one week. My purpose is to share the good news of the Tanzania Mission effort with several and to speak on a most important subject; “World-Evangelism, the Church's Supreme Aim and Task.” So, here is the deal, if you and or your congregation will help me accomplish this goal, I will personally bring you either 250 grams of Rift Valley coffee, or if you prefer, a box of Kilimanjaro Tea. That’s right, if you will help me make up the $2,000 deficit I currently have, to cover my travel expenses, I will treat you with a “Taste of Tanzania.” Simply put in the memo section of the check, Cy/Travel/“Coffee” or “Tea” and you will receive either by personal delivery or in the mail a great treat! The deal of the year would’t you say. 

Our brother Clement, Jackson and Yusuph represent a group of faithful, dedicated and godly men who have passed through the Andrew Connally School of Preaching over the last 15 years. Yes, 134 men have graduated and are now carrying the Gospel light throughout East Africa, planting new congregations and saving hundreds of souls each and every year. Let us never forget, “World-Evangelism, IS the Church's Supreme Aim and Task.” Till all have heard...

In Him,
Cy, Stephanie and Granny

Posted on July 13, 2014 .