Safari For Souls Campaign Underway In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Servants,

We stand is awe of God’s blessings through His faithful both here in Tanzania and through our faithful friends and supporters in America. We count it a privlage to be at His bidding, with His greatest desire, “that all men everywhere be saved and come to a knowledge of the Truth.”

Our summer Safari for Souls campaign efforts are underway. Two campaigns are currently underway, with a third to start in next week. Dwight Burton, Iddi and their two sons, have been working with Charles Haberth and the Kwa Mrombo congregation here in the Arusha area. They have been going house to house conducting many studies. Dwight’s two sons have participated by handing out Bible tracts each day. Charles called last night and told me he had received 10 calls from the tract distribution, people wanting to know more about the Church and where the saints meet on Sundays. Yes, even the young can do their part in the teaching of God’s Word. Dwight was also privileged to speak to 76 of our youth at the Youth Day at Kwa Mrombo yesterday. Please pray for the Burton family as they will begin their journey home this Tuesday. We thank God for them and their desire to do God’s will.

The second campaign is being conducted at the newly planted Njiro Chini congregation on southeast part of Arusha. Gary Box is leading a team of workers from the Cottondale, AL congregation. Many studies are underway and the Lord has blessed His Church with an increase of 7 precious souls. Please remember Corey and Hannah as they too will be traveling back on Tuesday.

The students at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching have finished another quarter of studies and are heading home to be with their families and to help with this years’ harvest. A very special “thank you” to John Gaines for coming and teaching the second year students on the subject of “Advanced Hermeneutics.” What a blessing it is to be able to come and train men in God’s Word that they in turn might be able to teach others. And what an amazing bonus, to spend time with three of his grandchildren, being Daniel’s dad! John will also be leaving this Tuesday, please keep him in your payers.

Our good friends and co-workers will be heading this way from Hoover, AL this week. Sid Aultman and Chuck Webster will be leading a team of 19 souls coming to “seek and save the lost.” Also joining them will be two sisters from Elk City, OK. They will be joining us as we continue the outreach in the White Rose (Elkire) area of Arusha. The church was planted there early last year. Daniel, Tiffany and family have been working with this congregation for the past several months and are doing a great work, “helping them, help themselves.”

The above are examples of the Lord’s people doing the Lord’s work to His glory and to the saving of the lost. The Tanzania Mission Team, including all of our friends and supporters. are accomplishing much. With God’s continued blessings and strength, the best is yet to come as we witness the true growth of His Church in Tanzania. Till all have heard….

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on June 1, 2014 .