New School In Ghana Progresses...

March Report
Following our modest opening in the middle of February, classes went on smoothly and uninterrupted. From almost twenty applicants interviewed, twelve brethren from those accepted reported for classes, and all were very enthusiastic. Those students came from the Northern regions, Volta and especially, from the Eastern regions of the country. Others also came from the greater Accra region, which altogether represent a very fair participation or response.

Having been introduced to their regular classes, the new students responded with great optimism, although this was a unique experience to them, to sit before a number of gospel preachers and teachers to study the Holy Bible for hours and days continuously.  However, they found this to be not just challenging, but also enjoyable. The expressed joy was due to the fact that they were acquiring further and deeper knowledge in the Bible and were being challenged with greater enthusiasm to become more involved in the work of the Lord.

During the research weeks on our schedule they were also introduced to methods of doing research and were encouraged to start practicing, however, with our less equipped library.

Our teachers, on the other hand, also come from longer distances away from the school. One teacher who lives over 300 kilometers away from here comes to spend the night to teach his classes.  Despite the distances from where they come, they were always prompt and handled their classes with zest.

A major problem at this time is provision of water to the school, since our borehole is not ready yet.

We appreciate your prayers and support to see a dream come true at SIBS to train more dedicated men to preach the gospel of Christ, and to expand the borders of the Lord’s kingdom.  

April Report
Classes began in April with our short-courses. The short-course period covered two weeks with a different teacher coming in each week to take a whole course. During the first week of the short-course, we had a preacher come in from the Central region to take a course on “The Scheme of Redemption.” This course added to the interest of the students, where most of them actually came to terms for the first time with prophecies concerning the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus Christ and their fulfillment.

SIBS is located in a relatively new suburb, where there is apparently no church of any kind at all. The students therefore are taking the opportunity of doing house to house for personal evangelism during weekends and some public holidays. Our campaign week afforded them the opportunity to follow-up on the house to house and also to review their studies for their examinations. We are hoping to establish the Lord’s church here sooner or later with the house to house program.

A few brethren here have enquired if our school admits female students. While we have told them that our inadequate facilities at the moment could not permit us to have female admissions, one lady here has persistently implored us to allow her to audit the classes, so she can learn more to teach at the ladies class. 

We have a rather sad note that the brother who was to help us with the administrative work of the school fell sick and has not been fully recovered. We are, therefore, looking now to find a replacement.

However, it is also a joy to note that water from our dug well is now rising and we are hopeful that this will be sustained to take care of our water needs throughout.

Please do also take note that two of our most important start-up needs yet to be met are:  a good and durable photocopier to facilitate the printing of our lesson materials and a portable generator for power to the school because of the frequent power-cuts here.

Classes which vacated on April 28, resume on May 11 and we ask for your prayers.

God Bless
Seth Osae-Larbi 

Posted on May 11, 2014 .