Students Are Away On Campaign...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. Your brothers and sisters here are doing great. We praise God for health even though some of our members are sick.

My report this day will be short without pictures because of the nature of things now.

All CBIW students made it to their different destinations for mission work safe and sound. Thank you for your prayers.

They are doing well, as they called me to relate how God is blessing the work that they are doing in those locations.

I will relate and report in detail about the work upon their return before the month runs out.

The congregation in Wotutu is healthy. Today the worship was great as the attendance was 107, with many of our brothers and sisters who failed to come for worship because of the windy night and rains.

This past week, on the 13th of March, was my son's birthday. Ray is 4 years old now. Keep the young man in your prayers. He stood on a stone in front of their school. My prayer for him is that God will help him trample on any stumbling stones on his way as he grows up to become a soldier of Christ to reach out to many souls.

1) Many villages need our students and our efforts to come and help reach out to the community, and also to see the possibility of establishing a new congregations.

2) The entrance exams for the GAMMA batch into CBIW will be coming up April 26 2014. Please keep this date in your prayers so that God will send only those He has called to preach so that they will come and be trained.

3) The Koba congregation still needs our help towards their worship hall, as I shared with you the picture of their building last time.

We thank God for you, for all that you are doing with us to advance the kingdom of God here on earth in Cameroon. Thank you for loving the Lord. Do your best to share this report with others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on March 16, 2014 .