Studies Yield Fruit In Tanzania...

Greetings Fellow Servants, 

It is our hope and prayer that all is well in your life and service. We thank God for you, for your prayers, and most of all, your example and sacrifice in the Lord. One of the joys of working in Tanzania is seeing God’s mighty hand at work in the lives of the people. To witness good men and women of God, serving without complaint, serving tirelessly, brings much joy and comfort to one’s soul. Three evangelists highlight this fact:

Fariji Paul (Usa River congregation): “First, I really thank you for your prayers for the Usa River church. You have been praying for us, as a result, the church is increasing well. Second, in November, we studied with 14 people, one of them was baptized into the kingdom of Christ, named Nelson Sango. He said, that he desires to serve God in His kingdom and has just completed the Bible correspondence course. He asked us to pray for him so that may overcome the false prophets. A future church plant is to begin at Tengeru, please pray for that.”        

Mathew Laizer (Longido congregation): “Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, today is the end of our seminar efforts. One soul obeyed the gospel. The Lord is indeed good. Thanks and be blessed.”

Yusuph Mdaki: (Ushirombo congregation): “Hello brother, six souls have been added and one new congregation has been started.”

Next week in Arusha is a very special week. The “Future Preacher’s Training Camp” will be held at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching location in Kisongo. Michael Losotwa, our dean of Academics and evangelist for the Kisongo congregation, is directing the camp for the first time. This is one of those “markers” that lets us know, it is working. When responsibility can be delegated to faithful men, who in turn, glorify God through faithful service, God’s will and our goal is accomplished. We are anticipating a very good intake for this event and solicit your prayer on behalf of all the young men and those who will instruct them. 

Today was a great day. Keith Kasarjian and I were blessed to worship with Dale Kastner and his family here in Lilongwe, Malawi. We worshiped with the Chinsapo congregation in the city, 324 souls singing praises to our God. What a blessing it was to witness 22 responses to the lesson and 3 souls obeying the gospel. It has been a personal goal of mine to come to Malawi where brother Andrew Connally first began his missionary journey. 

A very special thank to Dale, Leann and Alyssa (7 years old on Jan. 3rd) for their amazing hospitality. They made our trip profitable and pleasant. This good family arrived in Malawi on July 17th of this year, committing 10 years of their life to the cause of Christ in Malawi. Dale is a graduate of the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver and based on what I have seen, he will do God proud as a faithful servant of His. 

We wish each of you a blessed week of service to the Master. Until all have heard...

In Him, 
Cy, Stephanie & Granny

Posted on December 14, 2014 .