One Course Away From Graduation In Cameroon (CBIW)...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your brothers and sisters in Christ on this part of the globe. We do hope you are doing well in all that you do. We are doing better in health, doing well with studies as our students successfully completed their last long course exams and now they are waiting for the last short course, “The Pastoral Letters,” that pave their final way to graduation and full time ministry. Keep them in your prayers.

As our exams here were finished Thursday last week, all the students took the road to their different villages to meet with families and home congregations to finalize preparation for graduation which is coming up on the 11th of December 2014.

Most students will not come back today after meeting with families and congregations. They will return tomorrow, but the news from them is showing that the future of the church of Christ in Cameroon is green, as they nurture and evangelize communities. All the congregations we established and revived are healthy, as they continue to get balanced spiritual food from our students who reach out to the communities.

Evangelist Orock Yanick taught the word this morning in Wotutu. This is an exercise that all our students must do, teach a senior sermon in the Wotutu congregation, and the Christians here will evaluate the students to help make him well and ready for the ministry. He is the last student among the 26 who are to graduate by His grace this December 11th 2014. Keep praying for them.

One of our brothers in Christ in another town, brother Edwin, when he became a Christian went back to his village and converted his entire family and they established a new congregation that meets in their house. He was staying with the aunty. The aunty told him not to worship with the church of Christ or else she will disown him and stop sponsoring him in school. The brother refused to stop worshiping with the church, so he dropped out of school because the aunty said she will not sponsor him again. Today, he is preaching from one bus to another and he calls it the bus ministry. He goes to the bus stop early in the morning with tracts from Mission Printing to preach to people and offer them a contact. Many gave them to brethren in the town they are traveling or reside in. Keep this zealous brother in prayer, as he will be matriculating to be a student in CBIW coming 2015 -2016 session.

Brother Edwin, on a daily basis, prays with passengers, mostly in a period of the year where many are scared of traveling, so they will always welcome him onto the bus to offer a prayer for them as they embark on their journey. What an opportunity for the gospel to meet people in any given advantage. Keep this young brother in your prayers.   

Kids in Brightland Christian academy appreciate your prayers. Keep this school in your prayers as it will go a long way to prepare many for a better future, as kids start with prayer and study of the word of God at this tender age. The church will have more committed and zealous people as they follow their training. You should see them getting food at their lunch break on the veranda because they don’t have a dining room.

The kids stand in a line to get their food, that is what they do daily in other schools. It is not like that. By the grace of God, as they grow up with this good Christian value, they undergo this Christian education, which is the only one in our community. Please, always think of Brightland and the impact it is already creating and will continue to create in the lives of these children and their generation.

1) We will travel to Mamfe for the annual Bible lectureship of the churches of Christ in Cameroon. We shall invest 4 days of house to house evangelism. Mamfe is far away from Wotutu.

2) Our graduation  is coming up on the 11th of December and you are highly invited to be our guest.

Many thanks to God for a day like this and for all that you are doing to make things happen. Without you, we would not have gotten to this level. God bless you and keep you strong to do more for the Lord. We shall give details of the summary of our reports in the weeks ahead after our graduation. God bless you as you share with others.

We wish you the best of the season.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on November 23, 2014 .