The Joy Of Mentoring At The Andrew Connally School Of Preaching...

Dear friends and brethren,

It is such a joy to be partners with you in our effort to broaden the kingdom. Anita and I are so very grateful for your constant support and prayers. We have just a few days left until our furlough comes to an end. We have a couple of final appointments left and are spending as much time as we can with our children and families before the long journey back to Tanzania. While we are grateful for the time with family and brethren we are anxious to return home to resume our work.

One of the greatest joys of the work at ACSOP is mentoring the four men that make up our faculty. That’s them in the picture above. These men have proven to be exceptional. They take initiative, work tirelessly, and have completely invested themselves in the work of the kingdom. As a mentor, I have stressed the mantra that “good teachers are good learners”. These men have accepted this thought and soak up knowledge as if their lives depended on it. Honestly, I could spend several pages praising each one of them for their myriad abilities but I’ll spare you from my pride in them.

One of the tasks that we have asked each of them to do is write a report, or relay a story, concerning the work at ACSOP. It is my hope to send these to you on a regular basis. By so doing you will hear about the work from their perspective and hopefully you will get to know them a little. As you read their reports, if you have questions come to mind, send them to me. I’ll pass them along and they will post the answers in their next report.

This weeks report comes from Godfrey Mngoma. Godfrey has been through ACSOP and college. He was teaching in the coastal town of Tanga when we asked him to come work with us at ACSOP. He is married and has triplet daughters. Godfrey is the preacher for the Arusha church of Christ and serves as the Dean of Students at ACSOP.

Sean and Anita Hochdorf

Posted on October 26, 2014 .