What Is God Doing With Our Preachers?

God is using our new preachers in wonderful ways in the kingdom. Since September, three new congregations have been planted and our recent graduates are preaching there.

Congregations up for adoption

1. Agou church of Christ – 4 baptized members and the preacher is Agnala Essodinam. (Outcome of September campaign)

2. Agoe Vakpossito Church of Christ - 6 baptized members and preacher is Sodohume

3. Klime Church of Christ - 18 baptized members and preacher is Atikama

4. Zomayi church of Christ - 9 baptized members and the preacher is Yovo Yao Mensavi.

The Zomayi Church of Christ started as a breakaway group from the Life Celebration Church, the denomination where Yovo used to be a member.

He tried to share his new found faith with the church, but met a strong resistance. However, those who gladly received the word were baptized. They have since left and are now worshiping in Zomayi. Since Yovo is a new convert and a student, he is being guided by Cephas, the principal of CBS, and assisted by one recent graduate.

Urgent Need: We need $500.00 each to build a structure for each of the new congregations.

CBS is closed for the holidays beginning on the 20th of December, and will re-open on the 6th of January, 2014

Two more students baptized: Joseph Asiki from the New Apostolic Church and Mathias Komou from the Deeper Life Ministry.

Year in Review

1. Total Graduates in 2013: (15)

2. Present Students: (20) 

3. Total Present Teachers: (7) 

4. Visiting instructors: (1) Barry Baggot 

5. Total lectureships in 2013: (3) 

6. Total campaigns in 2013: (2) 

7. Total churches planted in 2013: (5) 

8. Total baptisms in 2013: (73) 

Nyiveme Church of Christ
The wife of preacher Atta returns. Pelagie, the wife of Atta, a recent graduate, left her marital home and threatened to divorce the husband if he did not return to the Catholic Church. We all prayed for her hoping that she would one day understand why her husband took that decision to renounce Catholicism and accept New Testament Christianity. All attempts to get her back yielded no positive results. However, we never relented in our prayers. On my recent trip to Kpalime, I was shown a picture of Pelagie in the watery grave of baptism, also renouncing Catholicism. Our God is a prayer answering God. Pelagie has since reunited with her husband. When asked why she made the decision, she responded, “I now understand what my husband did.”

Report by Willie Gley

Posted on January 5, 2014 .